ukay ukay


Granny Edition



Hola children!

I’ve recently been cleaning out my closet (uh, Eminem reference) and getting rid of stuff that I don’t really get to use much anymore. Call it purging, call it “I need extra closet space” – call it however you like. But as a born hoarder, closet clean ups are never easy for me. If you only knew how long I held onto this cream pleated skirt in my hand from 7 years ago, while I forced myself to think of ways to still incorporate it in my existing wardrobe…

While doing so, I thought of starting a new series in my blog called “Thriftshop” – – –  okay, it ain’t the cleverest of titles, so that’s still on * asterisks *. But anyway, point is, this blog series is all about coming up with coordinates / outfits (almost) / entirely out of thrifted items I’ve gotten in the past. So finally, items I’ve hoarded that have not seen the light of day in a while will finally get to bask out in the sun and stuff!

I think it’s a fun way to challenge myself creatively when it comes to outfits (I’ve been the laziest dresser these days), as well as bring out the thrifted gems I used to treat as shining trophies from the depths of the ukay-ukay. Admittedly, this is a great excuse for me to shop for more ukay items to keep the series going so, WIN-WIN.

Here’s my first outfit of the series. It’s not the best, cause I just changed into these clothes from my pajamas just to get this series going haha! So excuse the unkempt hair and all! But the top is a knitted paisley and denim combo which I got for 70 pesos in Anonas!

Can’t wait to work on the next post!