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Where In The World is Guam? (Guam 2015: Day 1)

Prior to this trip, I really had no idea


~*~ Guam ~*~

It’s time to get real. When I hear the word “Guam” – the first thing that comes to mind is a mental GIF of my favorite childhood movie, Matilda.


At the very end, Mrs. Wormwood tells Matilda that they’re moving to Guam to escape the federal agents that were coming after their fraudulent car dealing business. I’ve watched Matilda about 254 times on VHS so I know it by heart – but every single time that scene comes on, I would wonder – Where IS Guam????


Sidenote: This trip has been sponsored by the Guam Visitors Bureau, and our accommodation by Pacific Star Resort & Spa. We are eternally grateful for the invitation and the kindness!


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Shimokitazawa 下北沢 : Japan 2014 (Day 4)


After a month ++, WE’VE FINALLY REACHED JAPAN DAY 4, YOU GUYS!!! Hollerrrrrr at me!

I’ve put off editing these photos because visiting Shimokitazawa was one of my most favorite things I did in Tokyo, that I didn’t want to do a hurried entry of it. The neighborhood is known for its artsy shops and hole-in-the-wall cafes, but I didn’t expect to enjoy the sights more than the shopping. . . cause I actually didn’t buy anything, except for a totally useless Anpanman face mask which I’m still immensely happy about. I’m all for really un-smart purchases.


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Takeshita Street: Japan 2014 (Day 3)


Starting off this slew of random photos by an obligatory outfit shot at Takeshita Street, before it gets terribly crowded. We visited on a Saturday, so the mix of camera-lugging foreigners and ~stylin~ teenagers are to be expected. This particular photo illustrates how different me and my sister really are. She is the quintessential girly-girl, what with her tutu skirts and bows and Balenciaga rip-off shoes. I, on the other hand, am wearing an oversized Mets baseball shirt that bears the name Delgado. I am not into sports, or baseball, so you can safely label me as a poser.


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Myeongdong For All Eternity: Seoul, Korea (Day 2)


Korea 2014:

To me, nothing in Korea feels quite like home as Myeongdong. The first time we went to Seoul in 2011, we rented a guest house at Anguk, but found ourselves inveitably returning nightly to Myeongdong. The second time we returned, we made sure to stay in Myeongdong so as to not make the nightly return trips and waste train credits. We lived off Myeongdong’s energy, especially charged during the night. That, and the free face mask samples.

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Sin City

Tatooo Vegas

I can never fake the date of my photos, or fake my current location. The color of my hair in photographs is the singular telltale sign of my personal timeline. If I only ever had black hair, never mind that I’m posting this Las Vegas trip 5 months late. I could’ve easily lied and said I’m currently in Las Vegas, posting current photos. I could’ve pretended this wasn’t a backlog – that this wasn’t the product of my laziness. But alas

I would like to tell you though that this photo above might be one of my favorite “portraits” of mine. I’m not gonna lie, I feel so badass. Beside the obvious that I am standing outside a tattoo parlor, I look so nonchalant about standing outside a tattoo parlor. It was also freezing cold at the time this photo was taken, and I am amazed at my ability to keep a straight face for the sake of a good picture. Of course, I don’t have any actual tattoos – though I have a booklet of temps at home which I keep in my book case.

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Touristy Things


As you may or may not know, two weeks ago, I was frolicking in Seoul, Korea with four of my dearest friends. It was totally a riot, because we spent every waking day of our eight days together. There was no bickering, no petty argument unlike what we had predicted. And instead of being totally sick of each other, when we got back we clung together like edamame beans. We daily anticipated one another’s messages in LINE and had to meet up again over coffee and cake to moan about our dream vacation that has now come to an end.

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A Glimpse of Las Vegas


I have so much backlog of travel posts, I know. What’s new!! Even me saying “what’s new” isn’t new anymore. But tomorrow I’m leaving for Seoul, Korea (WITH FRIENDS, NO PARENTS, SO WILD) and I want to get at least some semblance of a Las Vegas post out of the way, before I get another chunk of Korea backlog.

That’s it – I have nothing interesting more to say. Enjoy the photos of the outdoor signs and unlit neon lights and stuff!

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