Plaid Skirts Edition


Choki Choki shirt from Uniqlo  |  Thrifted Plaid Skirt (Php 80)


I don’t know about you guys, but I have very fond memories of me, violently sucking the length of a plastic tube filled with glorious chocolate. That plastic tube’s also known as Choki Choki. 2 pesos each – back in the day.

I chanced upon this Choki Choki number while purchasing my own Jollibee shirt from Uniqlo. Now I don’t know about you, but there was just something about owning a Uniqlo x Jollibee shirt  that was deliciously ironic to me. I had to make sure I got the least tacky version of the series for myself.

This aforementioned Jollibee shirt was the result of Uniqlo’s current shirt collaboration with some of the biggest corporations in Southeast Asia. Aside from Jollibee, they’ve also got Indonesian company Choki Choki under their belt. Not sure why I’ve always assumed that Choki Choki was local (aka Philippines made). It must be the ridiculous name.

I regret to report that none of the adult shirt designs for Choki Choki were classy or at least passable. The holy grail could be found at the deepest rack of the kids’ section. This shirt that I got, featuring the original Choki Choki throwback logo, is the largest size that they had for kids. A size “150”, whatever that means. The shirt looked small – tiny in my hands like it has shrunk in the washer. But I had to bank on the fact that the shirt was jersey cotton (meaning slightly stretchable) & I had to believe that I was “small” enough to fit into a kids size.

And here we are!

Oh right, I forgot this was a Thriftshop entry! Now that you know that my shirt was from Uniqlo, the only thrifted number in this outfit is my newly acquired plaid skirt from the thrift shop of Circle C. (Circle C Congressional, checkirrrawtt). Php 80 for that flirty looking thanggg.

I don’t know. I just have this natural gravitation towards plaid and flannel, and sometimes, I am unsure whether whatever skirt I’m getting is an actual piece of fashion, or a lost coordinate from an all girls’ school uniform. Of course, I’m always hoping for the former.



Granny Edition



Hola children!

I’ve recently been cleaning out my closet (uh, Eminem reference) and getting rid of stuff that I don’t really get to use much anymore. Call it purging, call it “I need extra closet space” – call it however you like. But as a born hoarder, closet clean ups are never easy for me. If you only knew how long I held onto this cream pleated skirt in my hand from 7 years ago, while I forced myself to think of ways to still incorporate it in my existing wardrobe…

While doing so, I thought of starting a new series in my blog called “Thriftshop” – – –  okay, it ain’t the cleverest of titles, so that’s still on * asterisks *. But anyway, point is, this blog series is all about coming up with coordinates / outfits (almost) / entirely out of thrifted items I’ve gotten in the past. So finally, items I’ve hoarded that have not seen the light of day in a while will finally get to bask out in the sun and stuff!

I think it’s a fun way to challenge myself creatively when it comes to outfits (I’ve been the laziest dresser these days), as well as bring out the thrifted gems I used to treat as shining trophies from the depths of the ukay-ukay. Admittedly, this is a great excuse for me to shop for more ukay items to keep the series going so, WIN-WIN.

Here’s my first outfit of the series. It’s not the best, cause I just changed into these clothes from my pajamas just to get this series going haha! So excuse the unkempt hair and all! But the top is a knitted paisley and denim combo which I got for 70 pesos in Anonas!

Can’t wait to work on the next post!