Reese Lansangan cover

Things of the Week + Tee-Shirt (Birdy Cover)

photo 3

Socks make me happy, and sheer socks make me ridiculously happy.  Here’s a picture of my feet today, to the small number of people who might be interested. I’m wearing the purple mary janes I bought in Korea last April  + my sheer ribbon socks, also from Korea (the gold mine for socks).  And below my feet is our old and fancy living room rug. Abstract art, I suppose.

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Royals (Lorde Cover – A Cappella Version)

Royals Track Art

HEY GUYS. Not sure if any of you are still reading this thing, but I shall keep talking anyways. I’m still in the States, currently in Las Vegas, and I swear I will be posting the Disneyland blogs soon (I’ve got half of the photos edited already. There are just so much huhu). BUT WHILE YOU’RE WAITING, YOU KNOW WHAT I REALIZED? I never got to post this two month old cover of mine.

It’s ROYALS BY LORDE! And I did an a cappella version of it! You will hear my poor attempts at beatboxing, yet again! You can hear it here on my Soundcloud:

Ugh, I know I’m so late in posting this cover up on the blog. You’re most probably over this genius song by now but oh wells papels. As a “treat” to those who are still reading my blog, I’ve created a download link for my Royals cover!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!

The Royals track on my Soundcloud is not available for ripping, so by the off-chance that you want to put my cover in your iPod or iPad or any music storage device what-have-yous, you can download my Royals cover here.

I promise you, the Disneyland blog post is coming up next! Oh, and while I’m at it…

Reindeer Christmas