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Code of Kin (Original Song)

Written for my sister Denice on her 18th birthday.

I don’t usually do cheesy things (and I hope this doesn’t reach a cringe-inducing level of cheesiness) but I wanted to do something different for my sister’s coming-of-age. In our early years of sibling-ry (I’m inventing a word), we’ve shared a lot of fights, disagreements, and annoyances, mostly due to our 6 year age difference. She was a tattletale and a brat, and had her way of getting what she wanted. I was impatient and unyielding – the antithesis of a proper sister.

Somewhere along the way though, we found the right rhythm. We started to share stories over the dinner table and have conversations about friends and non-friends. We conjured up our own secret language of acronyms and inside jokes that bound us and made us inseparable. Now, I can’t imagine life without this crazy kid (eww but yup).

Though this song was originally written for my Mom, I tweaked the versees a bit to make the lyrics more apt. I hope my sister doesn’t mind sloppy seconds for a song hahar!

And thank you to Earthings! for the thoughtful feature :D

Lyrics posted below the cut.

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Creeper (Original Song)

Creeper Track Art

About a month ago, I wrote a song – not particularly an autobiographical one, if you were wondering – but a relatable one, in some level (at least, I hope).

Now I don’t know why exactly I thought of writing a song about a psychotic person doing creepy things in the name of admiration, but I advise you not to take the lyrics seriously. Don’t ever try to stake out behind a bush and watch your object of desire as he/she “sheds off” his or her clothes. You will get a restraining order. You will also get arrested.

I guess I’ve been releasing too much happy, original songs (see Trophy Boy, A Song About Space, Exploration No. 5), so I needed to write something that sounds different as practice. Two months ago, I wrote a song about body issues which I was quite pleased about, however until now, it remains to be 85% cooked. Some things still need to be tweaked, but I haven’t touched it since May.

Anyway, despite any subliminal messages this song might or might not be giving out, I hope the song appeals to your inner vile and twisted human core.

P.S. I nicked the spine off a Little Golden book, for I intended for the cover to look like one. Please don’t sue me.

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