Lee Pipes DIY Pop-Up Shop 2015

Showing idolatry through DIY shirts

Lee pipes event

Lee pipes event

As a wee kid, I thought there was no DIY project I could not take on. I LOVED DIY. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s gratifying – and after all of that hard work, you get an actual product to show for. One of my favorite things to DIY involved fashion related things. Every single time I would get an ill-fitting shirt, I would insist on cutting the sleeves or the hem – any sort of incision – to make it more of a fashion item than some random shirt I won somewhere. Armed with scissors, the cutting part was easy. It was a no-brainer. But as much as I loved DIY, I was too lazy to do any sewing done. I would cut with no regard then let that be the finished product. Never mind the wonky, jagged edged hems. No one will ever notice.

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