A Slice of Tradition: Seoul, Korea (Day 3)



Seoul Day 3 with these girls! Palace selfies, bulgogi realness, traditional Korean villages, and other crazy adventures abound! And while we’re at it, here’s a GIF of us goofing around in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace!

I still have about two backlog entries for my US 2013 Travel Diary, but I know you’re all used to my outstanding promptness in posting.  In the meantime, please be pleased with the rest of this entry :D

Read  Day 2 + a bit of Day 3 here.  Click here for  my world Travel Diaries.

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Myeongdong For All Eternity: Seoul, Korea (Day 2)


Korea 2014:

To me, nothing in Korea feels quite like home as Myeongdong. The first time we went to Seoul in 2011, we rented a guest house at Anguk, but found ourselves inveitably returning nightly to Myeongdong. The second time we returned, we made sure to stay in Myeongdong so as to not make the nightly return trips and waste train credits. We lived off Myeongdong’s energy, especially charged during the night. That, and the free face mask samples.

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Touristy Things


As you may or may not know, two weeks ago, I was frolicking in Seoul, Korea with four of my dearest friends. It was totally a riot, because we spent every waking day of our eight days together. There was no bickering, no petty argument unlike what we had predicted. And instead of being totally sick of each other, when we got back we clung together like edamame beans. We daily anticipated one another’s messages in LINE and had to meet up again over coffee and cake to moan about our dream vacation that has now come to an end.

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