Japan travel diary

Takeshita Street: Japan 2014 (Day 3)


Starting off this slew of random photos by an obligatory outfit shot at Takeshita Street, before it gets terribly crowded. We visited on a Saturday, so the mix of camera-lugging foreigners and ~stylin~ teenagers are to be expected. This particular photo illustrates how different me and my sister really are. She is the quintessential girly-girl, what with her tutu skirts and bows and Balenciaga rip-off shoes. I, on the other hand, am wearing an oversized Mets baseball shirt that bears the name Delgado. I am not into sports, or baseball, so you can safely label me as a poser.


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Travel Journal [ Japan 2013 ]

Wherein I share with you some scans of my Japan 2013 travel journal.

Like most of the things that end up on this blog, my intention was to post these scans last year. But as it happens, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEM.

However, it’s high time that I get around to posting this now, since A) it’s been more than a year since the actual Japan trip, and my excuses are getting a bit embarrassing, and B) I’m leaving for another trip to Japan in two weeks!!!! RING THEM BELLS!!!! I am so psyched to finally, finally visit Kyoto and pretend to be a ninja / samurai in one of the historical open air museums. Watch me try, cause I really will.

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