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 Presenting my November to very early December gig schedule!!!!!!

It’s quite packed, I do realize, but sometimes we just have to hustleeee! Doing a couple of solo gigs this weekend (Saturday) and the next week, so hopefully you’d be able to catch me in one of my sets.

I want to promote my Nov 22 gig at LUNA COFFEE, BGC area because:

A) It’s happening this Saturday

B) It’s free

C) The #CityStories website will be launching

D) There will be an open mic jam after

I’ll be playing a one-hour set at around 9PM, and I’ll be doing lots of original songs I’ve never ever released online yet, so it’s going to be fun!!! Please do come if you can!!


photo (31)

I am GREATLY excited to release my “new” original song sometime next week (hopefully, if editing goes well!) It’s a live performance video I shot with my friends from Shutterpanda and BoxArt, of a song I wrote that largely speaks of our generation’s pop culture. Please watch out for it, but in the meantime, here’s a screenshot of what that performance will look like. Rooftop seshhhhh! AGHHH!!!!



I’m doing this 50 minute solo gig with two awesome singer-songwriter friends this November 25 (Tues) at Route 196!

I’ve been a fan of Bullet Dumas since 2011, and if you’ve never heard any of his stuff, it’s high time you should. Trust me on this. Jensen Gomez is a new friend, but he has been playing in the airwaves for quite some time (I’m sure you’ve already heard his LSS-inducing stuff)! I hope you can come out to support us – it’s going to be an all-original set so if you can’t catch the gig I’m doing on the 22nd, this is a much better alternative haha!




How does one exactly go from idolizing Ebe Dancel to opening for Ebe Dancel in a span of a lifetime? I’m not sure how I got here, but I am beyond grateful. Please go. If the words “EBE DANCEL and THE MUSIC OF SUGARFREE” isn’t enough of a reason for you to go, then well, I have nothing for you haha.  My incredible singer-songwriter friend Jireh Calo is opening the show with me, so let’s goooooo!!!!! I’m nervous like F, and the pressure is mounting like a cat in heat (uh, bad comparison) but it’s going to be AWESOME.



Reese & Vica will be launching its second EP, Those Who Wander, this December 6 (next next Saturday), 8PM at Green Sun, Pasong Tamo Extension! Vica and I have been constantly talking about our concept and the nitty gritty design details of it all. It’s been 4 years  since we last released our first EP (Crossing Neverland), and we really want to make it something special and worth the purchase. I’m designing all the graphics + other bonus fun stuff related to the EP, so it’s a huge project for the both of us!

We’re producing ultra limited physical copies and we’re selling them on the night itself! Come early so you can secure your own tangible EP :D I guarantee it’s going to be so much better than the digital copy version haha!

That’s it for the music related stuff. I hope to see you in one of my / our shows (hihi) <3

Gig Alert: Greenlight Music Festival 2013


You’re probably super sick of this photo already. It’s only been in two of my past blog entries, but since this is my only decent (& recent) picture, this was what I had to submit for Greenlight’s promotional poster.

THAT BEING SAID, I am inviting you all to the ~music festival of the season~ GREENLIGHT!!!! It’s actually TOMORROW, AND I’M PLAYING SOLO, so if you’re coming from school or wherever else, hop into a comfy outfit and go straight to the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong (see map below).



This poster has so kindly listed down THE AWESOME line-up for this (outdoors) music festival! PLEASE SEE ABOVE! UP DHARMA! FRANCO! URBANDUB! And my friends from Never The Strangers, She’s Only Sixteen, Yolanda Moon, Mad Hatter Day, RunManila, also Save Me Hollywood! I can’t deal!!!

And you know what else?


I’m honestly quite intimidated with the people I’ll be “sharing the stage with” because obviously, being included in this line-up is a huge deal, AND I AM BUT A WEE BLUE-HAIRED PERSON, but I’ve been practicing really hard these couple of days, hoping to the heavens that I won’t screw this gig up.

For those who want to catch my performance, I play at around 6pm, granted there are no delays! So I’d really appreciate the support!



What’s cool is that Greenlight has a SKATING RAMP. WORD UP. THAT’S REALLY COOL, RIGHT? So bring your skates and whatever else! And make sure to not bring your pets (leave them Siberian Huskies at home). Don’t bring deadly weapons either. Let’s all be peace loving citizens! Wag mag hasik ng lagim. 



1377000_674837025874852_398372002_nHere’s a map to the venue, and some directions which I nicked off Greenlight’s Facebook page:

MAP going to Greenfield District for Greenlight Music Festival 2013

From MRT:
– Get off at MRT-Shaw blvd.
– Walk towards Pavillion Mall

From North:
(Landmark: Starmall, Shangrila Plaza, MRT)
– take EDSA Crossing – Overpass (Ibabaw)
– from Starmall turn right
– then U-Turn at the first U-Turn slot
– then cross Crossing – Edsa intersection
– go straight and turn right on Mayflower Street (landmark: SOHO Central)

From South:
(Landmark: MRT, Pavillion Mall and Teleperformance bldg.)
– drive straight to EDSA Crossing-Overpass (Ibabaw)
– turn right to the Edsa-Crossing intersection
– go straight and turn right on Mayflower St (landmark: SOHO Central