Hello. This is my art trapped in tiny circular buttons.



I’ve been working on this mini side project for a few months already, but thing is, it only existed in my head within that whole time.

I guess I kept on finding excuses not to push through with it just yet. I blame self doubt as culprit! Every time I get close to actually jumping at the LET’S MAKE THINGS HAPPEN pool, there’s a little voice inside my head saying

“Really, Reese. Who would ever buy your sloppy painting collage work thingamajigums?”


But ah well.



Excuse my calloused fingers and watercolor stained palm but I just really wanted to show you a closer picture.┬áThis My Little Unicorn pin is part of the “Things That Exist In My Head” collection. Oho.


My sloppy painting on totebags.


5 of the 9 pins I made.



The Hoax totebag




Pin set (composed of 3 pins) is priced for 60 pesos.

Totebag is priced for 350.

Totebag + pin set (composed of 3 pins) is priced for 400.

Please email me for orders!!! SUPPORT MY ARTTT!