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I’m a Watermelon (Duh)


OH HEY it’s actual clothes! I realized that I was able to take outfit shots from my Greenlight solo gig last month! Thanks by the way to those who came! I wish I didn’t bomb as much as I thought I did. I decided to dress as a watermelon, if you still can’t tell! Hence the title – a shout-out to Karen Smith of Mean Girls and her famous one-liners like “I’m a mouse, duh!!!”. And my hair is still a perpetual mess, even if I brushed it that morning. Somebody show me the way to sleek ponytails and an immovable fringe.


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HEY HEYS! The updates have been scarce, but so much has been happening in my life lately! I apologize if I wasn’t able to stop and take the time to write about them!

Important things:

1) ELEMENTS SONGWRITING CAMP 2013 – two weeks ago, I flew in to Dumaguete for a 5-day, all-expense paid songwriting camp with 59 other singer-songwriters and 20+ big time musicians of the local industry. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE, YOU GUYS. I am hoping that someday, I’ll find the time and patience to post a bit about that life-changing songwriting camp I just came from. But right now, I’m still on a high.

2) I’m still busy designing and sewing clothes for my graduation collection! I have some sketches and notes up for sharing here in the blog, so hopefully I get around to doing that.

3) Outfit above was what I wore to the SoFA AVP shoot which happened two days ago. We had our make-up done by MAC professionals, and it was beautiful. I didn’t want to wash my face off! Anyway, I’d like to give a shout-out to @shopcopper for my favorite smiley polo! Smiley faces are just awesome, friends.