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Fruit Coma




LOLZ I LOOK INCREDIBLY SAD in these photos but don’t mind me! It’s an actual outfit post!!!!!!!

Okay, you’ve actually seen this fruitsy top before over here , but I think this top is genius so I re-wear it every now and then.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve actually done these outfit post things, but if you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, you might have come across my Musings on Blogging and Fashion Blogging entry. This entry explains some of the reserved feels I have regarding a desire to make my blog more meaningful and relevant and blah and blah. Basically, I’m still working on it! I’ve been thinking a lot about fun content to put up in the blog, so I’m hoping things would translate into actual posts on here!

Anyway, I’ve recently learned the magic of ~video editing. Thanks to my finals project for Trends, which was to make a short documentary about Philippine Fashion, I was forced to study things on my own! I’ve always wanted to produce really short shorts of random pretty stuff, but I’ve always shot myself down as someone who cannot shoot or edit video related things. I do a lot of stop motion stuff, but they’re still quite different from actual videos.

I took some video outtakes which my good friend, Karen De La Fuente, took of me while working on my documentary. I’ve turned some shots into a very very short video lookbook of sorts! It’s not the best video ever okay. I know the timing is a bit off at the middle part, but I had very limited footage to work with so I just had to make do!

Hopefully, I get to do a lot more video stuff in the future! Especially travel themed ones! I must stock up on good SD cards, first :)


P.S. If you’re fuzzy about video quality, I suggest watching this through the Vimeo site. Just click on the video itself so it could load on the actual page :)

Fruit Coma from Reese Lansangan on Vimeo.










Last Thursday, Reese & Vica had the pleasure of performing, for the first time, at Big Bad Wolf. It was for our college friend, Meg Mendoza’s exhibit entitled Phases. Aptly called so because she chose to paint portraits of people who have been an inspiration to her in her life. The place was really cool, but I’m totally infatuated by their wall art. I literally wanted to marry it, or peel it off and take it home with me and wrap it around my body or something.

Big Bad Wolf had a really great atmosphere. They had enough tables and chairs (always important for events!), and they had board games and card games that diners could use. ‘m a sucker for board games / card games / games in general and I can be quiiiite competitive when it comes to playing amongst people. My friends and I bought out a Pictionary with a ceramic human figure you can draw on, however the only downside was the markers that came with the game were all dried out. So we improvised our own version of Pictionary using the backs of Reese & Vica lyrics as our paper. We all thought of words to be drawn and guessed at some point in the game. My friend tried to make us guess “SM Department Store” – which was BLOODY HARD without being allowed to write letters. I tried to make them guess the word “tampon” HAHA.  It was a really fun night :)

Outfit for that day was simple, but it’s a reason to bring out my new pair of tights! Which reminds me of a boudoir for some reason. It also reminds me of a black & white version of Eloise at the Plaza. With a tiger.

A Certain Shade of Pink






I knowww, the updates have been scarce! As always… But last week’s fashion show has been amazing though! Photos (and a video link) as soon as I get them from the photographers! But for now, here’s an outfit post of me wearing too much pink in a manner that shames Barbie, and Chloe and I pigging out while slaving away to complete all our final requirements :D LETTUCEDOTHIS!

Announcement of the Hey Kessy x Reeseypeasy washi tape giveaway in the next entry :D

Lastly, Reese & Vica plays at Bonifacio High Street, BGC during Fridays and Sundays of September. Check this video out to see our first set behind the big blue bear last Sunday :)

Spools of Lace





It’s a rare occasion for me to go all out and dress like a girly-girl from head to toe. From the shiny gold buttons to the salmon and teal scalloped bag, right down to the pink beaded espadrilles that almost never see the light of day – this outfit is surely, toxically brimming with estrogen.

It’s kind of a good break from what I usually wear, I think.

My driver did a good job taking photos of me at a vacant lot near my house. I didn’t have my sister or Mom around to snap some outfit shots, hence I had to direct my driver to “HALF PRESS!!!” and shout “LANDSCAPE! Now, PORTRAIT!” every now and then. 
It’s a good thing I have no shame in posing like ~this~ in front of my driver =)) He has seen me in much worse states than this. I can’t dare name any more embarrassing moments, but I’ve endured a lot with him on the sidelines :))


Short update is short :D


1) ROCK RIZAL is happening tomorrow at SM Mall of Asia! Reese & Vica, together with Gab ‘n Josh, will be playing our own original Rizal track, “PAGBABALIK” which we wrote for the Rock Rizal album! You can download our track for free over here!

Concert is absolutely free! It’s our honor to be playing with amazing acts such as Radioactive Sago Project, Sandwich, Peryodiko, Ebe Dancel, and much more! SEE YOU EVERYONE :D :D :D
2) Don’t forget, the PORT88: Ready, Set, SALE bazaar is happening this weekend! Saturday – Sunday from 10am to 9pm at The MEGATENT, Meralco Avenue! Entrance fee is 50 pesos but I think Ensogo is giving away free tickets. :D Since Elan Bijoux is participating in its very first bazaar, we will be slashing the prices of our items! 
Sugary sweet & vintage rings from 50 pesos to 195 pesos! 
Show-stopping cluster neckpieces (like what I wore in this entry) ranging from 550 pesos and up! 
NO PIECE IS EXACTLY THE SAME, GUYS. Handmade with love and glitter and much amazingness!!!! 
And vintage boxy satchels that are TO DIE FOR. Special shout-out to The Beatles fans? We have the perfect satchel for you!
AND YES I WILL SEE YOU ALL THERE OKAY? I am so excited, so so so excited, so so so soooo excited for this bazaar! Lots of wonderful items in store for you, so please come check Elan out, as well as other major brands participating :D
Always, Reese

Made of Paper & Glue


Sequined jacket (Thailand)  |  Tank top (morning market)  |  Emperor shorts (thrifted)  |  Cluster necklace (Elan Bijoux)  |  Dr. Martens metallic boots



This is probably the first outfit shot I’ve ever posted with actual (and proper) lighting!!!!! UPGRADE!
PROPS TO MY BLOCKMATE, JAMES MAGALONG (the eternal photographer) for these photos!
(Sigh, I’m too exhausted to think of an appropriate write-up for this blog entry so…  my apologies haha)
Always, Reese

Sick Cycle Carousel


I have always dreamt of having my photo taken on a carousel pony. 
A) Broke out of my routine of sleeping at 5am and waking up at noon.  I had to wake up early for an (supposedly) 11:00 meeting with Kasey Albano and CSJ (no less) of CreatePH :D 
But as it happens, my driver was late and I ended up arriving in front of CreatePH at around 12:15. By that time, you can expect Kasey’s car to be already backing out of the driveway. NOOOOOOOO!!!! orz
I only did what any sensible girl would do. I stuck my head out the window in hopes that my face (and my corn bleached hair) would be recognizable enough to get Kasey’s attention and stop her car from driving away!
Success! After I profusely apologized for being late, I stopped in front of their door to read a note that says “Hey Reese, sorry we had to go, reach me at CELLPHONE NUMBER lalalala”. They were really about to head out already. (I’M SORRYYYYY FOR BEING LATE, grovel grovel) 
I ended up making both Kasey and CSJ a bit late for their own meetings, but at least we’ve had our own quick, productive discussion! They’re cooking up a wonderful book project and I had been fortunate enough to be asked to help them out a bit. YAY FOR OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE ART WITH ACTUAL DEADLINES =))
B) Since I was horribly late, the meeting had to end within about 10 or 15 minutes into our discussion. I might have told my driver to come pick me up an hour after being dropped off. -_- 
With CSJ and Kasey having own meetings to attend to, I had to find the nearest, safest, un-shady place where I could wait, that wasn’t Andok’s Manok or Reyes Haircutters. And then there was this tea place.
One thing you should know about me is I absolutely hate tea. *GASPS*
It used to be worse as a kid. I couldn’t drink iced tea at all (but ever since I tasted Tokyo Tokyo’s Red Tea, my tastebuds tried to adapt) Still today, I cannot (repeat: CANNOT) drink C2, more so finish an entire bottle. ANYWAY, I digress.
Naturally, I had no plans of catching on with this latest ~milk tea~ trend. I run 500 thousand miles away when I taste anything leaf-like in my drinks. But alas, I had my laptop, my thesis book, and my 60D with me. I had to be in a safe place. So I was forced to order – ulk – tea.
HUHUHU. But it wasn’t so bad. I got egg pudding instead of tapioca pearls (I like egg tarts, so I thought why not?) Didn’t get to finish the glass though. I just. I can’t.
C) Scheduled lunch at Bonchon with some of my blockmates! Since my driver wasn’t going to come anytime soon, I had to take a cab to Bonchon, Eastwood. On my own. (which my Mom never lets me do). 
Everything was okay until it started raining SO, SO HARD while I was in the cab. By the time we were in front of Bonchon, there was a huuuuge, deep puddle of mud and water – and a great big distance from the taxi to the Bonchon door. 
And yes, I had to step into the puddle (it was impossible to jump over it) with my gold sequined shoes drenched to the sole. Only to find out that we had to leave Bonchon and transfer to Eastwood Mall because my friend had no parking space. So I had to step into the puddle, again! Drench fest on repeat!
D) Finally reached Eastwood Mall in one piece and after a bit of debating, we settled to eat at Teriyaki Boy + get McDo for dessert. Block bondings usually consist of us just eating and talking and screaming at one another – making sure to take pictures when all of this is happening. What can I say, we are quite the simpletons. (HAH)
E) I also had a mini fringe-trimming session right there at McDonalds (we did it in secret, at the farthest corner of McDo) with my friend Rian. Yes of course, I prepared and brought my own pair of scissors.
Which by the way was meant for paper and not hair.

Black Chiffon Top (thrifted)  |  Mustard shorts + belt (Thailand)  |  Gold sequined shoes (Japan)  |  Chain headband (Girl Shoppe)

Always, Reese

Golden Ghost

And so I return!
Dog eyez staring at you.
If you’re wondering where in this wonderful world I am in these pictures, I am (well, was) in the beautiful BACC (Bangkok Art & Culture Center (yes I’ve just come from Thailand for a short vacation~!) 
This amaaaaazing graffiti wall runs up 2 spiral floor layers and is simply marvelous. I wanted to roll myself on the wall and catch some of the eye-popping colors with my clothes, but I might risk being called off by security.
I am a huuuuuge sucker for museums, especially contemporary ones with installations so I HAD to go. Of the many times I’ve been to Thailand, I’ve never visited BACC before (thanks to Ate Arriane for the tip!) so I’m especially glad to catch the current exhibits there. This particular one is a collection of leather carvings suspended from the ceiling. Just a litttttle bit breahtaking don’t you think?
Drama posing mode ON. This time, with the yarn. Werking it at my favorite exhibit in the museum called Golden Ghost. This entire room was filled with nothing but yarn and thread. If that isn’t already awesome in itself, the artist hid 6 pure gold necklaces within this ~yarn pool~ and whoever finds them gets to keep them forever and ever for bragging rights. 
Oh my heart. Conceptual art makes my pulse race.
Is that STAR ANIS imprinted on the walls? 
Mind-blowing threadwork. The drips look like tears, sagging skin, and a beard all at the same time. Amazing amazing amazing patience.
Where else will you find a neon-haired girl fake fierce posing on a bed of yarn and thread like it was as normal as flossing? Only here.
Peekaboo mask worthy of a starring role in a horror film.
Channeling Peter Pan :))
THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Looking at this photo makes me giddy! The art is so beautiful!
A place where people can leave letters and notes. I left a secret note somewhere there.
I left a note somewhere in this pool! It’s kind of like finding a message in a bottle except it’s not in a bottle and it doesn’t float and this one might never be found, and yeah. It might be nothing like a message in a bottle after all.
Naturally, I spent a good amount of time literally digging through the wasteland in search for real treasure. I knew I HAD to find a necklace. I just had to. I was even getting the artist’s signature with the necklace, as if gold wasn’t enough of a prize. As if the satisfaction of finding gold in a sea of thread wasn’t enough of a prize LASLFKASFA!
As it happens, I didn’t find anything.
Po-pose nalang nga ako!
Pretentious artsy shot, yeah.
I GOT MYSELF A UKELELE! Fina-freaking-lly!!!!!! (it’s painfully obvious that I just bought it, refer to tag hanging from the fretboard) It’s an Eleuke Cigar Box Concert ukelele that Rizza Cabrera (shoutout!!) linked me! It even has a pick-up and everything huhu oh my crikeyballs. Rizza, uke jam soon, I demand it!
Naturally I have already gone ahead and wrote a new song with my new (yet to be named) ukelele! It’s still fun and upbeat but NOT about boys / a boy for a change. I’m not as shallow a person, I promise!
Watch out for it everyone!
Always, Reese

The Issue With Skirts

Skirts can make you feel nymph-like sometimes. 
Take for example this peppermint maxi tulle skirt which I’ve recently bought with my own money RARRR (it’s been such a long time since I bought expensive clothing / clothes in general HAHA)
Funny story. This is what I wore to Blue Roast 2011 (which is kind of the last get-together for the graduating Seniors, ladida tradition of Ateneo). Anyway, one of my blockmates approached me that night and asked me if I got my skirt from The Ramp at Trinoma, and I was like YES EXACTLY.
Apparently, she’s been eyeing on the very same skirt for a long time now. Then when she finally came back to get it, IT WAS GONE. AND GUESS WHO GOT TO BUY IT? – _ -
I feel a bit embarrassed and apologetic. I am so very sorry Jamie Bauza!
This was taken via my iPhone, while visiting the grave of my late cousin, whose birthday was on the same day this photo was taken. :) (March 23, 2011) 
I have so much photo backlog! I’ll try to catch up, folks!
Always, Reese