Things of the Week + Tee-Shirt (Birdy Cover)

photo 3

Socks make me happy, and sheer socks make me ridiculously happy.  Here’s a picture of my feet today, to the small number of people who might be interested. I’m wearing the purple mary janes I bought in Korea last April  + my sheer ribbon socks, also from Korea (the gold mine for socks).  And below my feet is our old and fancy living room rug. Abstract art, I suppose.

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Code of Kin (Original Song)

Written for my sister Denice on her 18th birthday.

I don’t usually do cheesy things (and I hope this doesn’t reach a cringe-inducing level of cheesiness) but I wanted to do something different for my sister’s coming-of-age. In our early years of sibling-ry (I’m inventing a word), we’ve shared a lot of fights, disagreements, and annoyances, mostly due to our 6 year age difference. She was a tattletale and a brat, and had her way of getting what she wanted. I was impatient and unyielding – the antithesis of a proper sister.

Somewhere along the way though, we found the right rhythm. We started to share stories over the dinner table and have conversations about friends and non-friends. We conjured up our own secret language of acronyms and inside jokes that bound us and made us inseparable. Now, I can’t imagine life without this crazy kid (eww but yup).

Though this song was originally written for my Mom, I tweaked the versees a bit to make the lyrics more apt. I hope my sister doesn’t mind sloppy seconds for a song hahar!

And thank you to Earthings! for the thoughtful feature :D

Lyrics posted below the cut.

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Where Did All The Nice Guys? (Original Song)


If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have already heard a snippet of my new song called “Where Did All The Nice Guys Go?”.

I actually don’t know how I came up with this entire thing, but one day I was just in bed, thinking about how a lot of the good-looking guys out there can usually be found in clubs. I kind of hate clubs, so I’m not in a very favorable position.

Nothing against clubs and club-goers. I love you all.

Nice Guys Track Art

Lyrics can be found on the Youtube description box! Hope you like it, would appreciate feedback, mwah mwah mwah hugzzzz.

Royals (Lorde Cover – A Cappella Version)

Royals Track Art

HEY GUYS. Not sure if any of you are still reading this thing, but I shall keep talking anyways. I’m still in the States, currently in Las Vegas, and I swear I will be posting the Disneyland blogs soon (I’ve got half of the photos edited already. There are just so much huhu). BUT WHILE YOU’RE WAITING, YOU KNOW WHAT I REALIZED? I never got to post this two month old cover of mine.

It’s ROYALS BY LORDE! And I did an a cappella version of it! You will hear my poor attempts at beatboxing, yet again! You can hear it here on my Soundcloud:

Ugh, I know I’m so late in posting this cover up on the blog. You’re most probably over this genius song by now but oh wells papels. As a “treat” to those who are still reading my blog, I’ve created a download link for my Royals cover!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!

The Royals track on my Soundcloud is not available for ripping, so by the off-chance that you want to put my cover in your iPod or iPad or any music storage device what-have-yous, you can download my Royals cover here.

I promise you, the Disneyland blog post is coming up next! Oh, and while I’m at it…

Reindeer Christmas

Gig Alert: Greenlight Music Festival 2013


You’re probably super sick of this photo already. It’s only been in two of my past blog entries, but since this is my only decent (& recent) picture, this was what I had to submit for Greenlight’s promotional poster.

THAT BEING SAID, I am inviting you all to the ~music festival of the season~ GREENLIGHT!!!! It’s actually TOMORROW, AND I’M PLAYING SOLO, so if you’re coming from school or wherever else, hop into a comfy outfit and go straight to the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong (see map below).



This poster has so kindly listed down THE AWESOME line-up for this (outdoors) music festival! PLEASE SEE ABOVE! UP DHARMA! FRANCO! URBANDUB! And my friends from Never The Strangers, She’s Only Sixteen, Yolanda Moon, Mad Hatter Day, RunManila, also Save Me Hollywood! I can’t deal!!!

And you know what else?


I’m honestly quite intimidated with the people I’ll be “sharing the stage with” because obviously, being included in this line-up is a huge deal, AND I AM BUT A WEE BLUE-HAIRED PERSON, but I’ve been practicing really hard these couple of days, hoping to the heavens that I won’t screw this gig up.

For those who want to catch my performance, I play at around 6pm, granted there are no delays! So I’d really appreciate the support!



What’s cool is that Greenlight has a SKATING RAMP. WORD UP. THAT’S REALLY COOL, RIGHT? So bring your skates and whatever else! And make sure to not bring your pets (leave them Siberian Huskies at home). Don’t bring deadly weapons either. Let’s all be peace loving citizens! Wag mag hasik ng lagim. 



1377000_674837025874852_398372002_nHere’s a map to the venue, and some directions which I nicked off Greenlight’s Facebook page:

MAP going to Greenfield District for Greenlight Music Festival 2013

From MRT:
– Get off at MRT-Shaw blvd.
– Walk towards Pavillion Mall

From North:
(Landmark: Starmall, Shangrila Plaza, MRT)
– take EDSA Crossing – Overpass (Ibabaw)
– from Starmall turn right
– then U-Turn at the first U-Turn slot
– then cross Crossing – Edsa intersection
– go straight and turn right on Mayflower Street (landmark: SOHO Central)

From South:
(Landmark: MRT, Pavillion Mall and Teleperformance bldg.)
– drive straight to EDSA Crossing-Overpass (Ibabaw)
– turn right to the Edsa-Crossing intersection
– go straight and turn right on Mayflower St (landmark: SOHO Central


See You Again (Miley Cyrus Cover)

See You Again Track Art

So, I made a Miley Cover last week! IN HOMAGE TO THE SWEET, INNOCENT MILEY CYRUS WE ALL LOVED. Pre-twerk.

Also, LOOK GUYS, no guitar! Sorry in advance for some cheesy synth stuff that you might hear in the cover. It’s my first time doing an all-synth / software track so, yannoes. There’s a learning curve.

I actually covered this back in 2008, but it was a hideous track. It’s already been shoved into a black hole.

I hope you enjoy this version!

Creeper (Original Song)

Creeper Track Art

About a month ago, I wrote a song – not particularly an autobiographical one, if you were wondering – but a relatable one, in some level (at least, I hope).

Now I don’t know why exactly I thought of writing a song about a psychotic person doing creepy things in the name of admiration, but I advise you not to take the lyrics seriously. Don’t ever try to stake out behind a bush and watch your object of desire as he/she “sheds off” his or her clothes. You will get a restraining order. You will also get arrested.

I guess I’ve been releasing too much happy, original songs (see Trophy Boy, A Song About Space, Exploration No. 5), so I needed to write something that sounds different as practice. Two months ago, I wrote a song about body issues which I was quite pleased about, however until now, it remains to be 85% cooked. Some things still need to be tweaked, but I haven’t touched it since May.

Anyway, despite any subliminal messages this song might or might not be giving out, I hope the song appeals to your inner vile and twisted human core.

P.S. I nicked the spine off a Little Golden book, for I intended for the cover to look like one. Please don’t sue me.

(Click “continue reading” for the lyrics)

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How We Love (Ingrid Michaelson Cover)

How We Love Track Art

HI GUYS! My musical self is back with a new cover of Ingrid Michaelson’s How We Love! It’s one of my favorite songs to play while gazing out the window in deep contemplation (lol).

This song is such a straightforward one, so I made a really stripped down, bare bones version similar to the original. I think that more layers would ruin the vulnerability of the song, and also I was anxious to finish a  track that I didn’t want to overdo it anymore 8D

Incidentally, I made a practice collage (as seen above) last night as a product of my boredom and decided to put two and two together for my track art. The seemingly close ties of the girl and the boy looks fitting for the song anyway.

I hope you enjoy it!


Mushaboom (Feist Cover)

Mushaboom Track Art

This is almost a month late, but I didn’t realize that I never posted this cover here on the blog.


Anyway, here is my cover of Feist’s Mushaboom! This song makes me so happy. And always makes me think of mushrooms, hence the track art. Haha! I experimented with a few other real and software instruments. Somewhere in the track, you’ll hear parallelisms with some parts in NBSB. 8D

Please enjoy!