Feature: Gist Mag & Candy May 2015

Excuse the iPhone photos

Ueno Park Jump

See, I don’t think I’ve ever posted any photos from my most recent trip to Japan just this December – Jan 2015. It was a stellar trip, and I promise to fill you in (as in, promise na talaga!). For now though, here’s an overly saturated photo of myself from that trip. Here I am, playing at a closed public park in Ueno. Check out my randoseru (classic Japanese backpack for school children), man.

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Feature: Preview Aug 2014 (PEFTA) + Philippine Star

PEFTA 2014

Totally unreal, but I’m one of the 10 designers chosen by Preview Magazine for their annual PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) feature!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUPER BIG, YOU GUYS. Check out this cool editorial + interview I did in Preview’s August 2014 issue :D/ (pictured above)

Featured is my Extravehicular Mobility Unit jacket and my Maximum Absorption Garment diaper shorts from my Space and the Human Race graduation collection.



I remember 4 years ago, I was awestruck, looking through the designers of the first PEFTA feature. I told myself that I’d lose it if I ever get hand-picked by Preview for this award.

And it’s absolutely bonkers that it actually happened! :((

Thank you to Ms. Daryl Chang and Manica Tiglao for the interview!



My rocket dress also got featured in Philippine Star’s YStyle section (July 28, 2014 issue), where I was named one of the “28 Designers To Watch Out For”! Crazy!!! The model, Kelsey Merrit, did a stellar job working the dress! I’m so happy to have been considered for this list!

Read the rest of the digital article here!



Lastly, The Prime Manila did an artist feature of me and my works! It would be really cool if you check this out, as they’ve painstakingly searched through my archives to dig up some of my past photos for their article. Thank you to everyone at The Prime Manila!

– – –

I acknowledge that I’ve been such a terrible blogger this year – it’s mostly cause I’ve found posting to be more a chore than a treat these days. I’ve resulted to oversharing on Twitter and Instagram because the mechanics for both are quick, easy, and painless. But not to worry, I should be getting back my blogging mojo soon.

Else, I’d have to buy it back from ebay.

Featured: Vogue Italia (!!!!)


I just wanted to very quickly share that my “Extravehicular Mobility Unit” jacket (the finale piece of my Space and the Human Race grad collection) has been featured online  in VOGUE ITALIA!

It’s pretty wild, and quite a milestone that I will, for sure, milk on my future CVs :))



I’d like to give proper acknowledgement to my amazingly talented team, who really pulled together and made this shoot happen.

Jowee Gabiran – photographer
Margeaux Jerushka – stylist
Tamerlane Oscar Cedro Tuason – art direction
Dana Solidum – hair & make-up
Anna Rose Bradborn – model

This “editorial” shoot we did actually remains to be unreleased, but this news is too exciting to be kept from all of you, so consider this a preview of my upcoming editorial! I’d just like to thank everyone who has expressed their “congratulations” via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Though I may not have been able to thank everyone individually, I really do appreciate every single like, comment, and well-wishing from the bottom of my heart!

And in the words of Katy Perry, I end with:

“Thank you for believing in my weirdness”



Feature: Candy Global Street Style + October 2013 Issue

Candy 2013 3

Candy 2013 1

Candy 2013 4

Hey everyone! Just dropping by to post these late scans of my October features in Candy!

My DIY Mickey ears + Tokyo Girl jacket are both featured in a Do-It-Yourself special of this month’s Candy magazine issue (October 2013). (Sidenote: Ms. Marla’s editor’s letter in this issue also pierced through my heart. It was so well-written! Props, props!)

Another thing – my pink-haired self  in Japan makes an appearance in the amazing “The Candy Style Guide: Global Street Style Edition”. I slightly freaked out when I saw my page! I didn’t expect for it to be a spread, so I’m still feeling giddy about it!

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of The Candy Style Guide yet, then you are seriously missing out!!! This tiny book is packed with so many unique and visually interesting looks from fabulous bloggers all over the world! From Asia, to Europe, to US – this book has got it all covered! I discovered so many new fashion sites because of this, so you better grab a copy for yourself before it runs out.

Again, thank you forever to Candy Magazine for the features. It’s always an honor. Always, always.


Featured: Lady Indie


Just a quick update!

I’ve been intending to post this up but it kind of slipped my mind. My Holocene cover has been featured about a month ago in this amazing blog called Lady Indie!!

Basically, it’s a site that collates some of the best indie artists around the globe. I personally almost exclusively listen to female indie artists for the past few years (it’s a long phase, so this site is a treasure trove for me.

Anyway, Lady Indie did a feature of artists on the Internet doing covers of famous indie songs, and I was fortunate enough to have been included in their compilation list! It’s really awesome news, and I’d love to share the compilation with all of you :)

Click HERE to get to the full feature and download the COVERED compilation featuring my cover of Bon Iver’s Holocene :)

And for those who want to have a listen, here’s my Holocene cover from my Soundcloud account:

Hope all is well with everyone!

Candy Style Stars 2013

Candy Style Star Feature

I’ve been dying to tell everyone, but I wanted to wait till the release of the April issue, but I’m part of this year’s list of Candy Style Stars!!!

Remember that really glitzy Candy Style Awards event last year?  With your favorite bloggers, Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, etc?

It’s happening again this year! And I’m gonna be part of it!!! To say that I am STOKED is an understatement.

I’d like to express my thanks to Candy magazine, who always manages to remember me every so often hehe. I’m so happy cause I literally grew up clutching my Candy issues until their spines started losing colour. I’ve been a Candy girl since Grade 5, and I can’t believe I’m now an actual “Candy Style Star’ uhuhu future.


Please grab a copy of Candy Mag’s April issue to see the other Candy Style Stars!

I’ll see you this May for the Candy Style Awards :D :D :D



Featured: Philippine Star + Rogue November 2012

Youngstar feature

Youngstar f2

Rogue FeatureRoguefeaturelayout

Hello everyone! Another blog entry for the week and already, it seems like I’m on a roll 8D

Two things.

This Youngstar feature has been about 2 months old already. I wanted to get a scanned photo of this feature before I posted it up on the blog, but back when I had the intention of telling you guys about the feature, I didn’t have the article in possession. So foolishly I thought I’d be able to get it back soon, and scan it within the week for public posting.

In true Reese fashion, I didn’t get to scan it at all anymore. (Credits to Steph Manuel, for I nicked your article photos without asking huhu)  Thus, I am posting this today, about two months after the article has been released.

MANILA, THIS IS ART - this particular feature was ginormously special to me, simply because I think it’s the first time a public circulation has featured me solely as an artist, and not a blogger or a musician or anything else. Actually in this article, I was amongst illustrators… I’m not really the James Jean of illustrating or anything like that so I was just lucky to be mixed in with the rest of the talented bunch. I felt so ridiculously giddy seeing my art on print, and in such a relatively large scale at that. Admittedly, when I was doing this photo edit, it was during the same time I was killing myself over schoolwork in SoFA. Things got particularly hectic around that time, so I didn’t really have enough time to conceptualize and do what I really wanted to execute on the photo. So I did a quick edit using some of my old crude art samples and “collaged” a few bits and pieces and slapped rainbow prisms on my cheeks and sent it over! Though a rushed job, I’m still happy about it. There were messy bits and haunting references and the colors were cray, and that’s all that really matters with everything that I do :)

Special thanks to Ralph Mendoza, Raymond Ang, Gabby Cantero, and Carina Santos (and for those I failed to mention) for making this feature possible! I’m beyond grateful to have my face distributed all over the different households of the Philippines. Haha!

Check out the digital version of the PhilStar issue here.

THE ART OF SEEING – Rogue November 2012 Issue

Never in a million years have I imagined that I (or okay, my name haha!) would end up in the pages of Rogue. But a few months ago, whilst sitting on the floor of Fully Booked, perusing a book about pandas, I’ve been contacted for an interview for a Rogue article about art and perception. The premise and concept immediately interested me and I gamely (of course) agreed to participate! The article got in touch with 5 different individuals: a registered nurse, an investment banker, a high school student, a curator, and a ~young artist~ (HEY THAT’S ME! And they actually called me an artist! And young! Double whammy!) – to comment on a collective work of John Jose Santos III called Clockwise (as you can see above).

What I think originally would’ve been a live discussion among the 5 became an email correspondence instead. Rogue sent us individual photos of the pieces in Clockwise, and asked us a number of questions about it. Here is a really condensed version of stuff I said about the work! I’d love to hear what you think about Clockwise too, as this article is supposed to be a testament to the fact that each of us view, interpret, and reinterpret art differently. There really is no right or wrong answer, and that’s what’s fascinating about being either (or both) a viewer or / and a presenter of creative work.

Please click through the magazine article for a more enlarged version of the photo, but I think you can manage without having to go through the motions of Flickr just to find the zoom in magnifying glass.

Also, here are a few other things I wrote about the artwork, most of it unpublished but I just thought I should share! Sayang ang pagtype ko! Haha!

1. Describe to me what you’re seeing. 

I see depictions of commonplace, everyday objects. Lamps, folded shirts, parcels, and things you can see around the house; tucked on shelves, hiding inside closets and dark cupboards. 3D objects mixed with 2D paintings in trompe l’oeil are all encased in long boxes, crammed in such uncomfortably narrow spaces. Elements surrounding the outer frames of the box change in each piece, suggesting a progression or order. Ladders, furniture legs, and human feet jot out of these frames unapologetically – quite arrestingly so.

2. What do you think this series is about?

At first glance, I thought Clockwise was a portrayal of everyday, mundane life. Seeing used sheets and crumpled pillows, polo shirts and squeezed paint tubes makes the series appear to be much more personal. It’s almost a strange feeling – like being allowed to peer into the life of someone you don’t know. Like house voyeurism, if I may. Such commonplace objects that have been used and lived with, are suddenly turned into artifacts by the act of contextualizing them through uniform boxes. The series feels like an immaculate effort of preservation of a life that has been lived, or is being lived. Like, This is how this man lived his life, take a look at his wrinkled sheets and observe the way he stacks his teacups. Almost like an exhibit of evidences from a crime scene.

Trying to box life itself, that which seems so huge and complex, into narrow, constricting spaces is I’m guessing the obvious irony. Each morning, you wake up and you go out into the world – that is a lived day different from yesterday. It’s also different from the life lived by your brother, or neighbor, or distant uncle. Despite this, the Clockwise series shows aspects of life that is universal and recognizable to all – suggested by boxes, standing lamps, clothes, the idea of sleeping and waking. 

3. Do you think the title, “Clockwise” is fitting? Does it make you think about the work differently?

The title suggests a definite order or direction. As clockwise literally refers to a defined path, that made me look into the series a bit differently. I noticed there were 12 boxes in the series too – perhaps an obvious reference to a clock. Given that, the title consciously conditioned my mind to make sense of these bunch of boxes and find the underlying order in them. However, I honestly didn’t fully understand how it all chronologically comes together. 

The first box with the sheep and ladders reminds me of sleep. In between dreams, the state of being lucid. There is a sense of surrealism and a suggestion of an upward reach for something infinite. Things don’t have to make sense. Starting the series with this seems fitting, as the normal life cycle of man starts either when one attempts to sleep, or when one attempts to wake up.

The rest of the boxes, to me looks like a walkthrough of a normal day’s cycle. Getting up, fumbling with the light switch, selecting the attire of the day, keeping things in an organized clutter, the chagrin felt while being in transit. 


Anyway, a shout out to the Rogue team for a WONDERFUL Art Issue this year!!!! And there was this big feature on my biggest local artist crush, Leeroy New so, you know. Happy kid.

Just for sufficient creeper evidence, I searched all my past entries that referred to Leeroy / his works in some way HAHA. Oh God.
1   3 4

Okay thank you that is all.








Sup folks! This is probably a hmm month old outfit. I KNOW I AM SO LATE AT LIFE, I KNOW!!! But anyway, THE COLORS! DON’T THEY MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPPPYYY??? I felt like a walking Lisa Frank sticker in the making! And check out my laser cut-out shorts in teallll! And check out my orange detective glasses which match my neon socks which I doubt you can see from the photos!!! And most importantly…


Check out my bag, boys and girls. It’s reversible. In two delicious colors, too! Good grief, the awesomeness never stops!!!!



ANDDD I am pleased to announce (LOLWUT) that Elan Bijoux is selling these awesome fluorescent reversible bags for only Php 795! Inclusive of shipping within Metro Manila! HELLLO HELLO!

A note of importance: These bags are of VERY VERY LIMITED QUANTITY (meaning we only have 8 left, the other 2 have been purchased immediately last night!) There will only be ONE BAG per design + color combination, so if you see something you like, GO AHEAD AND COMMENT + SEND YOUR ORDER FORM to secure the bag! I promise to guard it with my life and put it in a Ziploc bag with your name on it so there would absolutely be no confusion / mix-up / sneaky business.

Check this album out to see all the designs and color combinations available AND ORDER NOW :D


Teal MBSAnd lastly, thank you to Must Be The Sauce for the street style feature! I love your photos, AND YOUR LOGO I SPIFFY. That is all :D