Plaid Skirts Edition


Choki Choki shirt from Uniqlo  |  Thrifted Plaid Skirt (Php 80)


I don’t know about you guys, but I have very fond memories of me, violently sucking the length of a plastic tube filled with glorious chocolate. That plastic tube’s also known as Choki Choki. 2 pesos each – back in the day.

I chanced upon this Choki Choki number while purchasing my own Jollibee shirt from Uniqlo. Now I don’t know about you, but there was just something about owning a Uniqlo x Jollibee shirt  that was deliciously ironic to me. I had to make sure I got the least tacky version of the series for myself.

This aforementioned Jollibee shirt was the result of Uniqlo’s current shirt collaboration with some of the biggest corporations in Southeast Asia. Aside from Jollibee, they’ve also got Indonesian company Choki Choki under their belt. Not sure why I’ve always assumed that Choki Choki was local (aka Philippines made). It must be the ridiculous name.

I regret to report that none of the adult shirt designs for Choki Choki were classy or at least passable. The holy grail could be found at the deepest rack of the kids’ section. This shirt that I got, featuring the original Choki Choki throwback logo, is the largest size that they had for kids. A size “150”, whatever that means. The shirt looked small – tiny in my hands like it has shrunk in the washer. But I had to bank on the fact that the shirt was jersey cotton (meaning slightly stretchable) & I had to believe that I was “small” enough to fit into a kids size.

And here we are!

Oh right, I forgot this was a Thriftshop entry! Now that you know that my shirt was from Uniqlo, the only thrifted number in this outfit is my newly acquired plaid skirt from the thrift shop of Circle C. (Circle C Congressional, checkirrrawtt). Php 80 for that flirty looking thanggg.

I don’t know. I just have this natural gravitation towards plaid and flannel, and sometimes, I am unsure whether whatever skirt I’m getting is an actual piece of fashion, or a lost coordinate from an all girls’ school uniform. Of course, I’m always hoping for the former.



Granny Edition



Hola children!

I’ve recently been cleaning out my closet (uh, Eminem reference) and getting rid of stuff that I don’t really get to use much anymore. Call it purging, call it “I need extra closet space” – call it however you like. But as a born hoarder, closet clean ups are never easy for me. If you only knew how long I held onto this cream pleated skirt in my hand from 7 years ago, while I forced myself to think of ways to still incorporate it in my existing wardrobe…

While doing so, I thought of starting a new series in my blog called “Thriftshop” – – –  okay, it ain’t the cleverest of titles, so that’s still on * asterisks *. But anyway, point is, this blog series is all about coming up with coordinates / outfits (almost) / entirely out of thrifted items I’ve gotten in the past. So finally, items I’ve hoarded that have not seen the light of day in a while will finally get to bask out in the sun and stuff!

I think it’s a fun way to challenge myself creatively when it comes to outfits (I’ve been the laziest dresser these days), as well as bring out the thrifted gems I used to treat as shining trophies from the depths of the ukay-ukay. Admittedly, this is a great excuse for me to shop for more ukay items to keep the series going so, WIN-WIN.

Here’s my first outfit of the series. It’s not the best, cause I just changed into these clothes from my pajamas just to get this series going haha! So excuse the unkempt hair and all! But the top is a knitted paisley and denim combo which I got for 70 pesos in Anonas!

Can’t wait to work on the next post!

Featured: Preview Sept 2014 + Solo Exhibit


I’m late to the party, but I just wanna share with you this really cool Preview September editorial featuring two of my pieces from my Space and the Human Race collection!



This piece is by House of Laurel (read, not mine) but it’s gorgeous and it’s the title page of the editorial, named (aptly), Across the Universe. It was styled and produced by MJ Benitez, coincidentally a college friend of mine with whom I did this very ancient photoshoot.



My rocket dress, mixed with a House of Laurel circle dress. It reminds me so much of Pierre Cardin!



My moon skirt + my funnel neck hoop, styled with a BALENCIAGA JACKET. Really.

Grab the remaining copies of Preview’s September Issue if you can! The issue is hefty and well-worth it!


Something’s gathering…


RL-SeptOctDatesAND SOME IMPORTANT DATES! I’ll be making individual entries for these two upcoming (AND VERY ESSENTIAL) events, but for now, here’s a rundown.

This Sunday, September 28, I’ll be reselling some of my prints and stickers, along with a special DIY zine that I made at BGC Art Mart, 3pm to 9pm. Our table will be somewhere within the High Street area, so please just find me and my purple hair! Everything’s really affordable, and I’m sharing a booth with three of my really good friends from Shutterpanda Photography. It’ll be great fun, so come and visit! I’m eager to share my zine with you guys! Hopefully, it’s something you’ll appreciate HAHA.

AND this next Saturday, October 4, I WILL BE HAVING MY VERY FIRST SOLO EXHIBIT OF MY COLLAGE WORKS. It is a big deal, but I’m trying to contain my excitement within the confines of an all caps sentence. The venue will be at Heima Brixton, Kapitolyo (y’all know Heima, right? The crazy beautiful home and lifestyle store everyone loves) and there will be free food and good music! And I’ll be performing a solo set at the same night! SO YES??? I would really, really appreciate it beyond anything I could ever humanly appreciate if you could come drop by the event and check out my works! The event is free, so might as well right? It starts at 6pm and ends around midnight, so there’s plenty of time to crash.

I hope to see you there! Really <3 Your support would mean so much to me! YAY!


I Don’t Make Clothes Out Of Loom Bands


OH HEY LOOK, ACTUAL CLOTHES! Being the royally late updater that I am, these ~outfit~ shots from my Japan trip last July is only being posted a full month after. But it’s a milestone that they even made it online, so I pat myself on the back. I quite enjoyed putting together this “ensemble” because it hits all the right chords for me = fun, visually interesting, comfortable, with a hint of boyishness.

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Feature: Preview Aug 2014 (PEFTA) + Philippine Star

PEFTA 2014

Totally unreal, but I’m one of the 10 designers chosen by Preview Magazine for their annual PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) feature!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUPER BIG, YOU GUYS. Check out this cool editorial + interview I did in Preview’s August 2014 issue :D/ (pictured above)

Featured is my Extravehicular Mobility Unit jacket and my Maximum Absorption Garment diaper shorts from my Space and the Human Race graduation collection.



I remember 4 years ago, I was awestruck, looking through the designers of the first PEFTA feature. I told myself that I’d lose it if I ever get hand-picked by Preview for this award.

And it’s absolutely bonkers that it actually happened! :((

Thank you to Ms. Daryl Chang and Manica Tiglao for the interview!



My rocket dress also got featured in Philippine Star’s YStyle section (July 28, 2014 issue), where I was named one of the “28 Designers To Watch Out For”! Crazy!!! The model, Kelsey Merrit, did a stellar job working the dress! I’m so happy to have been considered for this list!

Read the rest of the digital article here!



Lastly, The Prime Manila did an artist feature of me and my works! It would be really cool if you check this out, as they’ve painstakingly searched through my archives to dig up some of my past photos for their article. Thank you to everyone at The Prime Manila!

– – –

I acknowledge that I’ve been such a terrible blogger this year – it’s mostly cause I’ve found posting to be more a chore than a treat these days. I’ve resulted to oversharing on Twitter and Instagram because the mechanics for both are quick, easy, and painless. But not to worry, I should be getting back my blogging mojo soon.

Else, I’d have to buy it back from ebay.

Touristy Things


As you may or may not know, two weeks ago, I was frolicking in Seoul, Korea with four of my dearest friends. It was totally a riot, because we spent every waking day of our eight days together. There was no bickering, no petty argument unlike what we had predicted. And instead of being totally sick of each other, when we got back we clung together like edamame beans. We daily anticipated one another’s messages in LINE and had to meet up again over coffee and cake to moan about our dream vacation that has now come to an end.

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