Design (Version 2)

After about a year and a half, I finally got rid of my previous layout and went for a new look!

Actually, layout¬†might not be the proper term, as I didn’t really change much in terms of arrangement of elements. I did make an entirely new splash page, header image, and sidebar icons for the site though! Please check the HOMEPAGE to see what I mean!

I’m still quiiite iffy with the sidebar elements and I’m certain I will have to change everything eventually, but for now I made temporary icons just to match the whole theme. Until I decide on what to do for my sidebar, these will stay!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been making so much Asian related graphics lately. Take one of my collages which I uploaded to my Society6 account.¬†

Maybe this is my intense itch to go back to Japan, manifesting in my art, so please indulge me.

Anyway, for my new site theme, I went for something really playful and childlike, with a touch of whimsy. Originally, my rough sketches had outright Japanese references, but I figured I didn’t want to be too specific in terms of pinpointing cultures. Also, I don’t want to mislead anyone into mistaking my site content for something else. So here’s what I came up with. I decided to use scary, Asian doll-like children for the main characters of my collages. They have this eerie, creepy look in all their pudgy glory, and that was what I found most charming about them. I hope nobody gets freaked out!

Overall, I’m happy with the changes. I feel like the blog “redesign” had been waaaaaay overdue. Although I’ve started to tweak with my fonts to make them more readable and less straining to the eyes, I’m glad that with my new theme, everything’s finally clicked together.

I hope that you guys like it! And if you don’t well… until the next theme change, then! :)

P.S. I’m curious to know if my layout looks wonky to any of my readers. I was lazy to countercheck my layout across different browsers and screen resolutions, so any comments, glitch reports, or suggestions about the theme would be most welcome.