Feature: Preview Aug 2014 (PEFTA) + Philippine Star

PEFTA 2014

Totally unreal, but I’m one of the 10 designers chosen by Preview Magazine for their annual PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) feature!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUPER BIG, YOU GUYS. Check out this cool editorial + interview I did in Preview’s August 2014 issue :D/ (pictured above)

Featured is my Extravehicular Mobility Unit jacket and my Maximum Absorption Garment diaper shorts from my Space and the Human Race graduation collection.



I remember 4 years ago, I was awestruck, looking through the designers of the first PEFTA feature. I told myself that I’d lose it if I ever get hand-picked by Preview for this award.

And it’s absolutely bonkers that it actually happened! :((

Thank you to Ms. Daryl Chang and Manica Tiglao for the interview!



My rocket dress also got featured in Philippine Star’s YStyle section (July 28, 2014 issue), where I was named one of the “28 Designers To Watch Out For”! Crazy!!! The model, Kelsey Merrit, did a stellar job working the dress! I’m so happy to have been considered for this list!

Read the rest of the digital article here!



Lastly, The Prime Manila did an artist feature of me and my works! It would be really cool if you check this out, as they’ve painstakingly searched through my archives to dig up some of my past photos for their article. Thank you to everyone at The Prime Manila!

– – –

I acknowledge that I’ve been such a terrible blogger this year – it’s mostly cause I’ve found posting to be more a chore than a treat these days. I’ve resulted to oversharing on Twitter and Instagram because the mechanics for both are quick, easy, and painless. But not to worry, I should be getting back my blogging mojo soon.

Else, I’d have to buy it back from ebay.



So I won the highest award for this year’s Philippine Graphic Design Awards. A magenta PGDA trophy. No freaking big deal really…


 LnsandljashliLJSFLISHEPIFHSEPIFNPSEIHFjhdfoufroufeoruhfer I WOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN WAAAAAHHH!!!!!!(Okay just so you know, as I was typing this out, I caught myself making a face of anguish. I still couldn’t believe it) 
 For those of you who may not know, “The Philippine Graphic Design Awards (PGDA) is the first and only program that celebrates remarkable graphic design pieces created by a Filipino.For 2011, professional and student graphic designers alike are invited to enter works into any of 13 categories for a chance to take home a CMYK Trophy or two.”So it says on their website. 
Anyway, it is the biggest deal in the world for my thesis, DIY or DIE, to have made it to the top finalists for 2011. I hope y’all remember that still! If not, there’s a whole archive in this blog dedicated to that particular life endeavor of mine. 
 When I found out, I didn’t wanna announce it to the blog just yet, in case I jinx anything. But the Adobo People’s choice award came out for the special edition Red PGDA trophy at stake (which could be won through number of votes), and I felt that I had to at least try and promote my thesis! Meneer Marcelo won that award by the way, much well deserved (but thank you to every single one of you who liked my entry! It’s enough that you got to see and hopefully know more about it through the links I’ve provided you before) 
 But yeah, I wanted to wait until the actual awarding night before I posted anything else about PGDA.There were 5 colored CMYK trophies at stake. White represented the merit awards. Cyan and Yellow represented the silver trophy for the student snd professional category respectively. While the Magenta and Black awards represented gold. The top top top prize. 
(Disclaimer: They ain’t Sev and Tata. hese are my wonderful ever so supportive cousins + best best friends wrapped up in one sushi roll)
 It was such a boss thing that I made it to the list of finalists, together with two of my most closest friends in the world (Sev and Tata!!! Hello guys) Prior to the awarding, we didn’t know which award we were going to get.

We were all sitting down on the carpeted floor, anxiously awaiting our fate. So when all the white trophies were given out, and still our names hadn’t been called, we started fidgeting. (I fidget in my seat when you begin appearing… )
It was either:
 A) we were getting colored trophies for sure (either silver or gold) 
 Or B) they completely forgot about us 
And so the night progressed and the happiest of the happy endings had happened. The three of us won a magenta award. The highest award guven this year. Wanna know why? 
Cause there were no professional entries awarded gold for 2011. Yes. 

As the host said, the student entries were the stars of this year’s PGDA. And when our names were called, we were all screaming and writhing with joy as we went up the stage. What a glorious moment.Too bad our design teacher, Parker, already went ahead and wasn’t able to witness it all. 
NINNYYYYYYY <3 (that’s a weird code for sister!)
 And here I am writing it all down, flashing back to all the sleepless Red Bull Cobra Sting filled nights (yes I experimented on the effectivity of different energy drinks) of making and designing pages of my thesis. And it was allllll motherfrakjingbones worth it. 
 As a sidenote, you guys should totally grab a copy of this month’s BluPrint magazine! 
There you will see my work, as well as other finalists’ entries, with respective comments of the judges who, well, judged our pieces and decided on our awards. 
 Thank you guys for being a part of my pleasantly difficult DIY or Die journey hohoho. 
Till the next project!


Always, Reese

The 2011 Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts

The 2011 Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts awardees!
I’m thrilled to say that Reese & Vica has been awarded an LSAA plaque of recognition for our accomplishment in music this 2011 awarding :)
SO WHAT IS LSAA ANYWAY? Each year, the LSAA awards senior students of the Loyola Schools who have done outstanding work in the arts.  In the past years, it has successfully given recognition to talented and outstanding student-artists who have eventually led successful careers in the fields of film, theatre, creative writing, among many others.  (copy pasted from the Ateneo website)
The awarding ceremony was quite fancy schmancy and srzbz, and it required the awardees to wear Filipiniana – and searching for one was an endeavor I wanted to take quite seriously.
Initially, I searched for old clothes in the house, and I settled on this exquisite beaded dress that my Mom wore once upon a daydream – only it was a tad too big on me. I planned on having it altered, but my Mom, ever so eager to help me out, started asking her friends if they have anything I could borrow. 
And behold!

Filipiniana by Tesoro.
I was supposed to wear the panuelo (the one wrapped around my waist) on my shoulders but it kept falling every time I moved so nevermind that idea. Do you love the gold embroidered cobwebb-y details of the dress? I do.
Waiting outside with frieeeends! MJ doesn’t want to miss the photo op…
Here’s Parker, our ever present design teacher and LIFE COACH!!! handing out roses for his students a.k.a. ID LSAA girl awardees :((  I AM TOUCHED BEYOND LIFE.
Posing with Parker’s rose! HI RIAN LOLJK
Me with my college best friend, Sev! :(( I LOVE THIS GIRL TO A MILLION BITS AND PIECES
Fellow awardees Lala, Tata, Sev, and MJ. + Rian, the eternal bbho.
With the music awardees of LSAA! Nica, Vica, Anton, Ryan, and Vic “isn’t he perfect” Robinson III. GUYS, CHECK HIM OUT, HE HAS A LEGIT FANPAGE.
Getting ready for our performance! We were asked to accompany the creative portfolios of the Illustration winners. We sang Wardrobes – a personal favorite! :)
Hello Parks!
Reese & Vica!
Awardees with Jamie Bauza (who just got out of the hospital bed that same day) and Amanda!
Reese & Vica being awarded! HELLO FR. BEN HELLO!
2011 LSAA awardees for music! OHOHO.
I’d post more photos (like my photo with Fr. Ben semi-hugging me OMG) but lazybutt is lazy.
I leave you with this. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!!!
Always, Reese

P.S. Photo creds go to James Magalong, Vic Robinson, Amanda Uy, Miko Galvez, Nicole Severino, and idk who else omg. I just got them off Facebook then edited then reuploaded hence the quality of the photos is a b*tch. But thank you guys!