Collage of the Day: Invitation


My Mom recently gave me her old folio from 15 years ago, which she found while cleaning the stock room in our office. It’s a lovely, brown envelope-type folio that fits my MBP 15″ perfectly! Inside the old folio though, were a few envelopes from the past that my Mom and I have both unearthed. One of which is the Max’s “You Are Invited” birthday card from 15 years ago. This was an invite for my friend’s birthday then. That said friend is already getting married this December. CRAYYY!

Anyway, I LOVED the invitation! It looks SO perfectly kitschy and old – like one of my childhood stickers or trading cards. I knew that I had to make a collage out of it, so I quickly scanned it and made it my jumping off point for the quick piece above :)

Japan Day 5 photos to come soon! For now, it’s random art time!

You Are Giant Pins (Batch 2) + Elan Bijoux at Supersale

Pins Batch 2

Pins Batch 2 -2

Presenting, my new batch of You Are Giant pins!  I drew / painted these myselffff (explains the pregnant looking dinosaur) so it would be great if you can support me!

Like last time, I’m selling these pins as a set: three pieces for Php 60. Please shoot me an email at [ reeselansangan @ ] if you’re interested! I’m writing handwritten notes for those who’d like to order! Also, if you don’t want to have the pins shipped, I could arrange a meet up as well. :)

Oh, and I no longer have pins from my previous collection “Things That Exist In My Head”. These are what I currently have, and once they run out, I’m not reproducing so please support if you like them :D I’d be really, really grateful!

Also, below are photos I took of the Elan Bijoux booth at the Supersale Bazaar :D Most of the items are still up for sale, like the dinosaur necklace as you’ve seen me wear here.  Only two pieces left, and it’s for sale for Php 450 each :D



The vintage pop link bracelets are DIVINE, I actually own three different pairs :D It was Php 650 before, but now it’s on sale for Php 450!








These neon neckpieces for Pho 180 only :)




Unfortunately, this piece has already been sold! But I do have one last remaining My Little Pony ring (the white pony) for Php 180! GET IT GUYS, GET IT NOW!



This cap for only Php 250 :D



Jelly bracelets for Php 50, and Shady Lady bling necklace (which you can wear as actual shades for shoots and stuff) for Php 450.



Stuff of dreams pendants for Php 450! The Twitter like bird comes with the balloon above it. Two pendants for the price of one! The rainbow is most especially lovely <3


If you see anything you like, just link the image of the item and email me at [ reeselansangan @ ]. I’m also giving a special discount for my readers. If you order anything from Elan Bijoux and mention this particular entry, I’ll give you a 10% discount off your total purchase :)


  (Version 2)

After about a year and a half, I finally got rid of my previous layout and went for a new look!

Actually, layout might not be the proper term, as I didn’t really change much in terms of arrangement of elements. I did make an entirely new splash page, header image, and sidebar icons for the site though! Please check the HOMEPAGE to see what I mean!

I’m still quiiite iffy with the sidebar elements and I’m certain I will have to change everything eventually, but for now I made temporary icons just to match the whole theme. Until I decide on what to do for my sidebar, these will stay!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been making so much Asian related graphics lately. Take one of my collages which I uploaded to my Society6 account. 

Maybe this is my intense itch to go back to Japan, manifesting in my art, so please indulge me.

Anyway, for my new site theme, I went for something really playful and childlike, with a touch of whimsy. Originally, my rough sketches had outright Japanese references, but I figured I didn’t want to be too specific in terms of pinpointing cultures. Also, I don’t want to mislead anyone into mistaking my site content for something else. So here’s what I came up with. I decided to use scary, Asian doll-like children for the main characters of my collages. They have this eerie, creepy look in all their pudgy glory, and that was what I found most charming about them. I hope nobody gets freaked out!

Overall, I’m happy with the changes. I feel like the blog “redesign” had been waaaaaay overdue. Although I’ve started to tweak with my fonts to make them more readable and less straining to the eyes, I’m glad that with my new theme, everything’s finally clicked together.

I hope that you guys like it! And if you don’t well… until the next theme change, then! :)

P.S. I’m curious to know if my layout looks wonky to any of my readers. I was lazy to countercheck my layout across different browsers and screen resolutions, so any comments, glitch reports, or suggestions about the theme would be most welcome.


Do Good, Make Good

Do Good Make Good

So I’m a month late in talking about 2013 resolutions and what-not but being late is kind of my thing, and it’s a thing I’m not really proud of, but I’m not here to talk about THAT.

I didn’t have class today, and my body still aches as heck from my boxing session the other day. I wanted to be productive because being stagnant kills me (!!!) so I decided to make a quick collagey thing that puts my 2013 mantra in a visual context.

This year, I am trying to do good and make good.

Doing good, which is to say, I’ve been trying to do more things for myself and for other people. I’ve also been trying to be more responsible about simple things, like errands and to do’s that I’d otherwise put off for later, reading and responding to emails (making sure I respond to them immediately), fixing my personal schedule, watching my health and water intake, etc.

Responsibility is something I’m scared of. It’s weird to admit, but I usually don’t like the feeling of having something expected of me. I’ve always been the type who’d do a lot of things just out of my desire to do them, so usually I hate it when people meddle with my own methods (or timing) of doing things. This is a really bad trait. I tend to be neglectful of truly important things because I choose to do stuff in my own convenience. I always try to justify this with all sorts of things, the usual culprit being my mood. I value my mood a lot, so when I don’t feel like doing something, I won’t do it.

I’ve been trying to repair that. I’ve been trying to take on more tiny responsibilities. Desperately trying to commit to them. Not just to show other people that I’m changing, but also to prove to myself that I need to act my age too, despite perpetually feeling like I’m just a big child strapped on the number 22.

Making good is a personal promise. I just want to be a source of good things, in terms of my art, my music, my writing – basically my creative pursuits. I’ve been saying it for the past few years, but this 2013, I really want to stretch myself creatively and just make stuff out of love and passion. Man that sounds cheesy, but it’s really true.

For my blog, I want to offer my best self. Even though I don’t get to update regularly (and I’ve probably lost a few readers along the way, I’m sorry for failing you in that aspect huhu haha), I want to share good things when I do update. I want to write more, I want to tell you more about what has happened in my life, the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve been doing. I’m also planning a blog redesign to be executed (hopefully) this March. It’s nothing grand, things will essentially look the same, placement wise. But the art stuff would be a bit different, cause I feel like I’m also beginning to outgrow my current site look.

I consider as an extension of myself, no longer just a personal web space I have purchased so I can share with you what I’ve worn for the day and whatnot. I admit to feeling a sense of pride when I look through my most recent posts because I know I have spent a good amount of time crafting each one. And though most of my readers remain silent and anonymous, I encourage you to use the comment section of my blog (if you feel like it) so I could get to know you better. I want to know your thoughts on what I put out so I know how to improve on them. It’s also been a promise to make sure I promptly reply to those who leave comments on my blog. It’s also one of the ways in which I can communicate with all of you.

For my music, I just want to keep on writing and covering songs as much as I could, letting myself grow not just as a part of my 3 existing bands, but also as a solo performer and songwriter. I commit to practicing regularly on my own, as it’s something I don’t usually get to do because of my busy schedule.

For my writing, I want to get back to it again. I want to use writing as a tool to make my site a more personal one – one with more heart. I’ve also been reading a lot again, and it helps me with my words. I’m glad to have been reunited with fiction and historical literature and memoirs and anthologies again.

For my art, I just want to be better at it by keeping at it. I’m still a bit up in the air about my art and design style, about the techniques I should be developing and the techniques I’ve used in the past which didn’t work. If you try to think about what kind of art I do, you might have a bit of difficulty in describing what my style actually is. It’s still a continuous process of trying out things constantly and adopting things that work. The only way I see myself growing more in art and design is to just keep working harder, and just keep doing more things.

In general, I want to continue traveling. I feel like I’m in a constant pursuit for new places – and new places don’t necessarily mean new countries. This summer, there are plans of going back to Japan and London and I am SO excited. In all caps, SO EXCITEDDDD. I’ve been dying to go back to Japan because I have so much love for that country, I sometimes feel guilty because I don’t even live there.

I just want to continue traveling and moving about and experiencing things. I’ve been blessed to see so many places in my lifetime already, but I have been lacking in sharing these experiences to people who might care to take a peek. So I also promise to share more of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen to you. Let’s hope I can keep that promise!

This entry was a bit longer than I intended, but it feels good to be able to put every intention of mine in writing. I feel like putting things in writing make them more true. Truer? Haha. I intend to live a full year this 2013! By the end of December this year, I’ll be looking back on this entry to cross check.

Here’s to a great year! To the 11 more months ahead of us ☺

Fruit Coma




LOLZ I LOOK INCREDIBLY SAD in these photos but don’t mind me! It’s an actual outfit post!!!!!!!

Okay, you’ve actually seen this fruitsy top before over here , but I think this top is genius so I re-wear it every now and then.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve actually done these outfit post things, but if you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, you might have come across my Musings on Blogging and Fashion Blogging entry. This entry explains some of the reserved feels I have regarding a desire to make my blog more meaningful and relevant and blah and blah. Basically, I’m still working on it! I’ve been thinking a lot about fun content to put up in the blog, so I’m hoping things would translate into actual posts on here!

Anyway, I’ve recently learned the magic of ~video editing. Thanks to my finals project for Trends, which was to make a short documentary about Philippine Fashion, I was forced to study things on my own! I’ve always wanted to produce really short shorts of random pretty stuff, but I’ve always shot myself down as someone who cannot shoot or edit video related things. I do a lot of stop motion stuff, but they’re still quite different from actual videos.

I took some video outtakes which my good friend, Karen De La Fuente, took of me while working on my documentary. I’ve turned some shots into a very very short video lookbook of sorts! It’s not the best video ever okay. I know the timing is a bit off at the middle part, but I had very limited footage to work with so I just had to make do!

Hopefully, I get to do a lot more video stuff in the future! Especially travel themed ones! I must stock up on good SD cards, first :)


P.S. If you’re fuzzy about video quality, I suggest watching this through the Vimeo site. Just click on the video itself so it could load on the actual page :)

Fruit Coma from Reese Lansangan on Vimeo.