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June 2015: 4th week



Hello again, children of the corn!

I hope you’ve all been doing fine, cause I haven’t. Emotionally that is – but never mind that. I’ve got enough work to distract myself from the blackhole that is having too much feelings.

One cause for celebration is cause I am back, yet again, to overshare about the things that went on over the tail end of June 2015.

Here are my last two weeks in photos!

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How To Collage (A Workshop)

Wherein I teach you how to do what I do with paper and things



Hey kind Internet folks! I have news for you! In a nutshell:

1. I’m doing another collage workshop very soon. Unli food and drinks y’all.

2. I’m giving away free stickers

3. A sneak peek of my new portfolio that’s under wraps

Don’t be a bore – click read more to, well, read more.


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The Gathering Season: Solo Exhibit by Reese Lansangan (Oct 4)


First of all, allow me to squeal for a moment.


I am so excited to announce that I’ll be holding my VERY FIRST SOLO EXHIBIT of mixed-media collages THIS WEEKEND!!! Saturday, October 4, 6PM onwards, at HEIMA BRIXTON, Kapitolyo, Pasig City!

Click here for the event page so you can JOIN it and invite yourselves!

The exhibit revolves mainly around the idea of collecting things / keeping personal collections. Here’s a blurb I wrote about the show:

“The Gathering Season” is an assemblage of mixed media pieces – “portraits” that reveal the faces of people through the things they choose to collect. Reese’s subjects range from casual collectors with passing fancies, to hardcore loyalists with unshakeable obsessiveness cultivated since childhood. 

Beyond examining our culture of consumption, the exhibit hopes to paint individual pictures of the people behind the objects – through their histories, habits, and motivations. Reese urges the public to reconsider their ideas of obsession and attachment, and offers a rationale: that beyond the itch to keep seemingly trivial things, is just the insatiable need to latch feeling and memory onto things that will outlive us. 


Important points about my solo exhibit:

1) It is FREE. I am inviting EVERYONE to come drop by and say hi, or at least check out the work briefly! Everyone, as in youngins and parents and grandparents! Strangers and friends, readers and listeners, everyone! I’d love to meet you all! This event means so much to me because it’s the first time I’ll ever be showing my collages in a gallery set-up with FOOD and actual VIEWERS and stuff, so I’d love it if you’d be able to come out and support me! You’re not required to buy artwork to come! Just come!

2) I will be performing my original songs on my exhibit opening! Whether you’re a reader or a listener of my music, I hope it would help in convincing you to come if I told you that there will be lots of musical performances during the opening night. Good friends such as Rizza Cabrera + Seed Bunye and April Hernandez of The Sun Manager are both performing! I’m a huge fan of these girls so I know you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do. I’ll be performing my original songs at around 8:30 pm, I believe, so please come by if you want to hear free music as well as see ~art~! Other musical performances by MOONWLK and Zeon Gomez.

3) Bring your friends and anyone who might enjoy an absolutely fun night of art, music,  food, and beautiful things! IF you haven’t heard of Heima yet, it is a home and lifestyle store that is beautifully curated and all sorts of lovely. It is my honor to be showing my first collage show in their space. I’ve been a long-time admirer of their work and it’s so surreal that this is finally happening for me.

4) Use #thegatheringseason hashtag – if you’re posting about the event and if you feel like adding a hashtag, please use this so I can check your posts out! Tag me as well – I go by @reeseypeasy

I’ve prepared hard for this exhibit and to be honest, I am so nervous. I’m not sure who will come, how many will come, who will be interested in my work, that, and if people will actually like them – so many concerns and worries! But I’m throwing that all aside and am committed to just enjoy the night with all my family and friends who support me and what I do!



Here are some studies I made for The Gathering Season.



NOTES NOTES NOTES, RESEARCH, AND SKETCHES are the most important part of my creative process.



Polaroids for the exhibit, taken with expired film.








The Gathering Season teaser video, prepared by Heima! Music is Mischief & Bandit, an original by my band, Reese & Vica. It’s available for free download at, might I mention, as well as the entirety of our old EP, Crossing Neverland.



Sorry my window is terribly dirty, but hehe whatever.

Here’s Heima Brixton’s full address: Unit 103 Three Brixton Bldg. 3 Brixton St. Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City – and a map below!




Please please please come! And I hope to see you there!!!!!! VIRTUAL KISSES AND HUGS AND HANDSHAKES!


Travel Journal [ Japan 2013 ]

Wherein I share with you some scans of my Japan 2013 travel journal.

Like most of the things that end up on this blog, my intention was to post these scans last year. But as it happens, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEM.

However, it’s high time that I get around to posting this now, since A) it’s been more than a year since the actual Japan trip, and my excuses are getting a bit embarrassing, and B) I’m leaving for another trip to Japan in two weeks!!!! RING THEM BELLS!!!! I am so psyched to finally, finally visit Kyoto and pretend to be a ninja / samurai in one of the historical open air museums. Watch me try, cause I really will.

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Wrapped Up

Wrapped Up

Just a quick post to share with you a collage I made last year for Australia-based online zine called MIM (Made It Myself). Their Issue #2 happened to be called “Wrapped Up’, hence I pulled up some images of women who are, quite literally, wrapped up. Yup, my creativity pitcher is filled to the brim. Nonetheless, I still kind of like it. Especially the C- shaped weenie above it all.

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Royals (Lorde Cover – A Cappella Version)

Royals Track Art

HEY GUYS. Not sure if any of you are still reading this thing, but I shall keep talking anyways. I’m still in the States, currently in Las Vegas, and I swear I will be posting the Disneyland blogs soon (I’ve got half of the photos edited already. There are just so much huhu). BUT WHILE YOU’RE WAITING, YOU KNOW WHAT I REALIZED? I never got to post this two month old cover of mine.

It’s ROYALS BY LORDE! And I did an a cappella version of it! You will hear my poor attempts at beatboxing, yet again! You can hear it here on my Soundcloud:

Ugh, I know I’m so late in posting this cover up on the blog. You’re most probably over this genius song by now but oh wells papels. As a “treat” to those who are still reading my blog, I’ve created a download link for my Royals cover!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!

The Royals track on my Soundcloud is not available for ripping, so by the off-chance that you want to put my cover in your iPod or iPad or any music storage device what-have-yous, you can download my Royals cover here.

I promise you, the Disneyland blog post is coming up next! Oh, and while I’m at it…

Reindeer Christmas

The Ifugao: Culture, Deconstructed


An Ifugao woman takes the time to complete the weaving of tapis, a multi-colored piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body to become a skirt. In the 16th century, Spanish colonizers deemed tapis dressing as improper and immoral, and insisted on covering up women with more “modest” attire.

But here she is today, loom in hand, expertly weaving through warped threads to form complicated patterns of alternating stripes—patterns which have been designed entirely in one’s mind.


See the whole visual journal I made for Kamusta? Magazine, inspired by our trip to Banaue this July 2013. Collage & write-up by meeeee! Lol.

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