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Reese Lansangan is a 24 year old visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer,  and singer – songwriter; all rolled into one convenient sushi.

A multi-awarded creative, Reese has received honours for her notable work in the fields of art, design, fashion and music.

Reeseypeasy.com is her blog – a virtual cave filled with art experiments, songwriting attempts, twenty-something thingamabobs, and a collection of life’s flotsam and jetsam. Please visit her real website to get the full Reese ~experience!~

For inquiries, collaborations, opportunities, or hi-hellos of any sort, email me here.  ( reeselansangan@gmail.com )


Follow my online activities:

Instagram: @reeseypeasy

Twitter: @reeseypeasy

Youtube: reeselansangan

FB Music Page: reeselansangan

Soundcloud: reeselansangan