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July 2015



I know, I know…

Let me be quick to point out that this blog series should be aptly renamed to “Things of the Month”. I have not been exactly faithful in keeping y’all updated with the ins and outs of life. My fault. But here I am, trying to catch up again! Here’s an overview of my July 2015! Photo captions are form L to R, Top to Bottom.

The Lavish Henry Hotel

A few weeks ago, I was invited to perform at The Henry Hotel for Silka’s Say Yes to S campaign launch! That’s me in a dress playing the guitar! It was a pleasant afternoon of bloggers getting together and enjoying lunch outdoors. Now it’s my first time to visit The Henry Hotel, and I must say I am highly impressed! The hotel is charming, and it is such a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city life right outside its gates. I’d love to stay overnight and see the actual rooms, but alas my luck does not extend very far haha!


On Secret Projects

I’ve recently worked on this exciting INTERNATIONAL collaboration (details of which I shall divulge by the end of the month) last week when I flew to Singapore! If you wanna follow my short adventure, visit my Instagram and type in the #HPx2 hashtag! Anyway, the photo above shows myself, holding a PlayStation controller, playing a very ancient Gameboy game on a Mac simulator. This was taken during our break from mixing and mastering my “secret track” for this “secret project” that I’ve been telling you about! You’ll soon know what it’s for, but as of now this is all you’re gonna get hahaha!


Productivity Meetings

You must be mad not to recognize this girl I’m with in the third photo. It’s Arriane Serafico of Woman In Progress! She’s currently helping me out in the biggest project of my life as of late – so big that a few weeks ago, I put out a call for interns to help me out! Anyway, Arriane is one of the peers I really look up to. I admire her determination and drive to do achieve and crush the goals she has set out for herself. A definite go-getter! I couldn’t ask for a better companion in this LIFE PROJECT of mine! (Man, I just realized I’ve been gabbing about one special project after another! Apologies for not disclosing specifics just yet!)


Electric Feel (Live cover)

I’ve done this particular MGMT song on Youtube ages ago when my hair was still black (I told you it was a long time), but I’ve redone it again, this time with my guitarist Josh Villena. It was an impromptu thing, but still should count for something! Watch it below :)


Family Dinners & Interesting Tile Patterns

I introduced my family to this new restaurant I’ve been seeing in Maginhawa (Provenciano) – and we finally visited to celebrate three of my cousins’ birthdays! It’s pretty, picturesque, classy, and comfortable! I suggest you try it out when you’re in the area. It’s this newly opened “house” with a kalesa by the driveway – you can’t miss it! Here I am posing in front of their beautifully tiled entrance.


Candy Jams

My good friend Kai Honasan and I got invited by Candy Magazine to do this live acoustic session that they’re calling Candy Jams. Cute, right? I think we’re the first performers for their new segment, so we’re doubly honored! I’m excited to share our videos with you guys!


On Free Harry Potter Bracelets

Here’s my wrist, donning a “Harry Potter” themed bracelet that I “won” from Cubism Family’s 9th anniversary gig. I’m sure you can’t see because the photo is fantastically hi res, but it has the Deathly Hallows symbol, a brass owl, and a pair of wings to represent the Golden Snitch. Even though it isn’t official Potter merch or anything, I’ll take anything bearing the HP initials. Sold.


Lee Pipes : #BeFestivalReady

Towards the last week of July, I got invited by Lee Pipes to perform for their super fun event, #BeFestivalReady! Held in SM MOA, it involved designing and DIY-ing your Lee Shirts with custom cuts, printed pockets, iron-on patches, and the like! I’ll post a separate entry for it (cause I made my own fabulous cropped top haha) so just wait for it patientlyyyy!


Bringing back the Filipiniana

Lastly, here’s a dramatic photo of me showing off my new Filipiniana – by Filipiniana, meaning the traditional costume of the Philippines. It was our church’s 40th anniversary and everyone was required to wear our national costume. Needless to say, it was a time for everyone to go the extra mile. I would’ve loved to wear this old Patis Tesoro Filipinana I put on way back in 2011 for the LSAA Awards, but this butterfly sheer capelet thing I have going on is a chic and modern alternative. Yep. I said chic.


That’s it for the tumultuous month of July! SEE YA NEXT MONTH HAHAHA jk 1/2.

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