Yep. You read it right :)


My my my, isn’t this exciting?

*rubs hands together*

After years and years of reassuring people that
A) I’m coming up with a solo album, and
B) I’m going to be “recording soon” (and that soon never really came to fruition in the past, as you know)
I’m giving you the final word.
THIS IS IT YOU GUYS. I’m finally doing it. It’s happening. Hashtag #reese1stalbum (don’t forget, it’s 1st and not first hahaha)


Yeah. This is real news so the image has to be repeated twice, as you know.

Last night, I came home from my first official recording session! I went in for about 2 and a half hours and laid down one song (the simplest one). Guitar track down, vocals 1 and 2 down. Here’s a photo of me in the studio, and another one of me in front of a microphone whilst recording my vocals.



I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I’m putting all of my energy and effort into making this happen! I’ve also gathered a bunch of amazingly talented girls (aka my super interns) to help me out. The album is not yet due until the end of the year (gunning for 1st week of December so YOU BETTER BE THERE) but the hustle begins now.
If you want to be updated every step of the way (think BTS photos and videos of recording and planning sessions, etc etc etc) then make sure you add me up on Instagramzzzzz (of course) and follow the hashtag #Reese1stAlbum . Follow my FB page as well, because I’ll be dropping some exclusive stuff on there.

And lastly, if you want to help out in promoting / spreading the word via online means (retweeting, regramming, reposting, re-everything) – just tweet or email me your FB profile & we’ll add you up on this exclusive Facebook group where me and all the other Reese listeners party it up at night.
You can leave the group anytime if you find the few alerts annoying. I’ll try not to get offended, I promise.
P.S. First photo by Karen De La Fuente 

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  1. Congratulations po Ate Reese! This is definitely a great news for both you and us, the ones whom you have inspired AKA fans! haha I’m definitely going to grab a physical copy of it. /goes back to stalking your accounts for more updates. (did i just sound creepy to you?) :3

  2. I heard you last night at the radio and boy are you one talented gal! Happy to see another Filipino talent surfacing (it’s about time a great one emerges). Love your quirky and very unique way of writing songs! Keep it up!!! What’s the difference between 1st and first anyway?