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Monday of August 24, 2015




Hello children!

I’m back with another edition of “As Of Late” – which is a concise way to update everyone with my life!

So as you might have known, I’m currently working on the biggest project of my life so far – that being my first solo album. *drops mic*. I’ve done “The Great Internship Hunt” or something to that effect about a month ago and I finally have my core team!

If in case you applied but haven’t heard from me yet, I’m getting to it I promise! I’m trying to tap everyone who volunteered by way of committees, so please be patient and I do hope you haven’t lost your interest in helping out!

It was SUCH a difficult decision for me to narrow down the applicants to 6 people, but it had to be done… It was against my will to “reject” anyone because truly, I am just over the moon about the thought that you’d even want to apply to help me out. I promise to find a way to make this whole thing work though, so please continue to watch your emails for updates and such!


Making: my (upcoming) 1st album (dundunDUN)
Drinking: water, cause I am notorious for never drinking enough
Reading: The $100 Startup, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
Wanting: a nicely colored keyboard protector
Looking: for PVC suppliers & an Eye-fi SD Card
Playing: the new Cooking Mama on iPhone
Wasting: money on food, but then again money on food is never wasted so nvm
Wishing: for the inner turbulence to settle
Enjoying: the torrential rain (but not the flooding)
Waiting: for more progress
Liking: my progress so far
Wondering: if I’d be able to pull my album off
Loving: that I have friends & supporters to help me out all the way

Hoping: that we’d be able to create something to be proud of
Marvelling: at the generosity of friends and strangers
Needing: to feel more convicted
Smelling: the damp ground
Wearing: my go-to Uniqlo shirt with newly acquired Nike AF1’s
Noticing: the importance of a clear head
Knowing: that life goes on, no matter what
Thinking: of ways to organize my plans better
Feeling: grateful that I have constant things to go back to
Coveting: the Disney x Vans collection. I got my eye on u, Jasmine shoes
Opening: work emails and alerts and feeling pumped!
Watching: old Taylor Swift interviews
Feeling: like a diva after the Ariana Grande concert last night



Original list via Meet Me At Mikes


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