Flag Edition


Top: 60 pesos  |  Pants: 70 pesos

Hallo guys! I’m back with another Thriftshop post, this time with an outfit entirely from the great UK (ukay ukay).



It’s been really exciting, coming up with outfits for this feature. Somehow, it makes dressing up a bit easier because I’m putting parameters as to what I can wear.



Both top and bottom were both thrifted from the ukay shop I frequent by Santolan station. It’s rare that I come by thrifted jeans that actually fit my abnormally large arse, but this one fits perfectly! I folded the cuffs for a more cropped look, so there’s that. The striped top was purchased with slashes on them (I did not put an x-acto knife through) – I love the simplicity of it. Stripes in red, white, and blue always works, don’t you think? Very flaggy.



Lastly, my Minnie tote from Disneyland! I used this everyday when I was in my 2nd year of college as a school bag, but it hasn’t gotten any mileage lately so I thought it was time to change that.


I’m super looking forward to make the next post for this! I’m currently ransacking my closet for old ukay finds I can wear again. Hopefully, working on this new Thriftshop feature will prevent me from gravitating towards the open doors of H&M, beckoning me home.


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    1. Kristel: You know what you should try? Going to smaller ukay ukay shops because it’s less overwhelming that way! The bigger the shop, the lazier I become! It’s such a hassle to sift through all those racks! Try out a smaller thrift shop and see if you can find better deals! I’m sure they’re there somewhere!