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June: 1st week



Hola, folks! Allow me to fill you in on my first half of June, so far:

1) Guam – Surprise, I went there!

2) Reese’s Basic Collage Workshop – is officially open for sign-ups! June 27, BGC. More details in the entry.

3) Gig schedule – I’ll be playing a gig tonight (June 11) and a long set tomorrow (June 12)

4) @ReeseKids – I now have an official Twitter fan page (!!!!)




I spent the first week of June chilling out in the lovely island of Guam with these two lovely blogger friends, Camie Juan and Robbie Becroft. I’ll go into the day to day detail of our trip in a separate entry, but it must be announced at some point, and this is the point. It’s been four days of pigging out, sightseeing, shopping, and midnight dashing to K-Mart for last minute snack cravings! We all had a wonderful time and I promise to tell y’all about it :)



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Location: Paprika, RCBC Tower, BGC (Taguig)

Workshop fee (early bird rate):  Php 1,550 inclusive of most materials – but I do require participants to bring their own scissors and old magazines + paper paraphernalia that they want to include in their collages.

My collage workshop is for casual collagists to complete beginners so you don’t have to worry about having zero experience in collaging! I’ve got you covered!

Fee includes an unlimited serving of food and drinks care of Paprika!

Slots are filling up really quickly, so please go ahead and sign up – then wait for a follow up email regarding payment details and other reminders.

Here’s a photo of how my first collage workshop went down. Check it, and I hope to see you all there!! It’s going to be fun!


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GIG SCHEDULE for the remaining days of this week:

June 11 (um, tonight haha) – Black Kings Bar (BKB), West Ave QC, 11:30 PM

June 12 – Acoustic Fridays at Backyard Restaurant, UP Town Center QC, 8 PM

As per usual, free stickers to those who’ll come up to me! Just ask / harass me for them.




#BATANGLANSANGAN is a thing, you guys.

Last night, a bunch of beautiful people (shoutout to admin @AraTangco) made an official Twitter fan page for me, over at @ReeseKids . They are honestly the sweetest, and look! This is the first official “fan art” to come from them, lovingly made by @wombatrai


I hope your June has been lovely! Sign up for my collage workshop! And next update would be Guaaaaaam! Mwahugs.

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    1. Oooh, I know that Lansangan in Bisaya means a place of nails or something like that? HAHA on point is right! Quite proud of the name hehe I wanna make them jackets when I have the budget :)) #doting