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June 2015: 4th week



Hello again, children of the corn!

I hope you’ve all been doing fine, cause I haven’t. Emotionally that is – but never mind that. I’ve got enough work to distract myself from the blackhole that is having too much feelings.

One cause for celebration is cause I am back, yet again, to overshare about the things that went on over the tail end of June 2015.

Here are my last two weeks in photos!



Fete de la Musique Acoustic Stage

Who’s the lucky duck who got invited to Fete de la Musique’s Acoustic Stage a second time? ME. (Insert pink girl emoji with hands on her head here)

Fete de la Musique is an annual, worldwide music celebration that takes place every month of June. To translate it in non-foreigny terms, it’s like “World Music Day”. All throughout the designated Fete day, gigs and musical performances are unfolding in different parts of the world. Pretty cool, yeah? Can you believe my solo act is actually part of it?



Last year, I wrote about getting invited to and performing for the same event with my indie pop duo, Reese & Vica. This year, I got called back as a solo act, Reese Lansangan.

The room was crazy full, and the crowd was entirely sweet, pleasant, and super easy to amuse. It’s been a wonderful experience overall! I met so many Reese kids & listeners backstage!




And I finally got to meet the founder of my Twitter fan page (hehehe) Ara Tangco of #BatangLansangan . She came all the way from Naga, Bicol just to watch Fete Acoustic Stage.

She was the sweetest – she brought her ukulele for me to sign + gave me a shirt and a lovely handwritten note! Her friend Nica from Cavite was with her as well. I am so lucky to have people who are so willing to endure the long hours of travel just to catch a show of mine! That is CRAZY!



You Are Here: Group Exhibit

Here’s something I’m really excited to share with you! I’m part of “You Are Here” – this huge group exhibit curated by Ryan & Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot fame. The exhibit’s central theme is “Home”, and they called on 100 of their favorite (nuks) local artists to submit their own artistic interpretation.




My 6-piece contribution is called “Strange Places”. I did micro collages of tiny people sandwiched in acrylic so they look like specimens that the audience can observe.

In “Strange Places”, people become inhabitants of commonplace things of nature. With humans scaled down to fit inside lilypads and under mushrooms, this collage set reveals the quiet and beautiful moment of finding home in unusual places.

You can check my newly updated portfolio out for photos of the whole series.




The show runs until this weekend, July 4, 2015 at Vinyl on Vinyl. Please go and visit if you can – the artworks are breathtaking!

Vinyl on Vinyl : 2135 Chino Roces Avenue, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1230 Metro Manila, Philippines




Pedal board decorating

I gotta tell you – nothing got me more excited last week than purchasing my very first pedal board!!! I’ve been carrying my pedals in a random totebag from SM Department store for awhile now – quite un-musiciany of me, I know! Don’t yell!

I’ve been waiting quite a long time for these Stagg boards to be stocked, so when they finally went up in the music store, I shelled out part of my gig money (from the envelope and all), and went out of the mall carrying what seemed to be a black, ultralong attache case.

The main source of excitement was not only the assembly of my pedals and admiring how everything fit together perfectly – but also the DECORATING part. The jazzifying, adding the pizzaz, the whole enchilada! Finally, my collection of oddball stickers sitting at the top shelf of my studio will find its justice.



Here’s a fun thing I made this month: Kewpal stickers, an obvious parody of the Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise most of us know and love. Kupal – in Filipino slang – means a range of negative things. It’s a funny insult to throw at someone who isn’t very sensitive.

A lot of my friends have expressed delight in this sticker by purchasing one. You can buy them from me online or in person (preferably during gigs!) for 30 pesos each.





Collage Workshop 2.0

So last Saturday, I held a repeat of my Basic Collage Workshop – this time at a bigger venue! With unlimited food and drinks!

Here’s my second batch of students + some collages they’ve worked on! They all did wonderful, if I do say so myself!




Guess where I am?

I just wanted to share this really funny photo that reminds me of Britney’s Circus album. I did a gig at this place you would probably never think of, but here’s a photo for evidence. This could be my album cover, you know.

I’m kidding.




Grey hair

So after 6 months of root regrowth, I finally got over the laziness that comes with re-dyeing hair and had it colored to a blue grey color. I had my friend Tricky do this for me (thank you Tricky!) Due to a double bleaching session, my scalp got too painful for me to endure the proper coloring time, leaving my roots in an uneven, rusty color. I don’t suggest that you 1) double bleach and 2) do bleaching at home unless you have someone who knows exactly what he / she is doing! Please don’t go the cheap route if you’re a bleaching beginner! Go to a salon and give your hair the few thousand pesos-es it deserves haha.

I’ll have to find time next month to redye over it, but right now, I’ll have to stick to wearing all sorts of hats to disguise that fact.

Hair color courtesy of Rainbowhead PH! Thank you so much!


“The most thoughtful gift” award

My friend Degs came home from the States recently, and he knows my affinity for art and zines so he told me he bought me one from a specialty bookstore over there. So I thought I was going to get a few leaves of paper stapled together. Little did I know that he bought me a BOOK. A colored anthology with illustrations, poems, and short stories, at that! I couldn’t be happier – it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received from a friend in a while! The haiku in the kitschy postcard was the double maraschino cherry on top, too.




Reese Lansangan : Solo album

Here is the definitive proof: I’ve finally started with pre-production for my first solo album. This is legit, guys. It’s happening! I’m targeting release by the end of the year! Here’s a photo of myself, together with bandmates April Hernandez and Josh Villena, arranging Creeper and Slick. It’s super exciting but also really nerve-wracking to be releasing something official after what seems to be forever. 

I know a lot of you has been bugging me about this for so long, and it’s finally happening. Moooziiik will be served to you in an actual CD. Just be patient, children!


YAY DONE! Thanks for keeping up with my life! Here’s to hoping that next week, I’ll be feeling much better, and I’ll be able to deliver my weekly updates on time. Hahahar!

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  1. Rookie! IIRC you mentioned that you’re a fan of Tavi Gevinson. Don’t know where or if that’s actually true, but if you are, have you thought about contributing to the mag? That would be really cool.

    1. Hey Alecks, I’ve been trying for a long time but it hasn’t happened yet, I’m determined to make it though!!!! :))

  2. AHH!!! Such awesome stories! I feel bad that I missed your workshop! I’ve been missing a lot of really great workshops recently. :( I do hope you another one! And that I get to go to one of your gigs these days. ;)

    1. Trisha: There will definitely be a repeat sometime, siguro at the latter part of the year! Hopefully you could join us the next time!

  3. I really really want to go and see your works on VonV before July 4 comesss but I still dunno because of school works!!! EEEEKKKK! and I missed your solo gig in A Space. HUHU! Aasa ako sa future to see your future works and go and see you play in stage, Ate Reeese. :(

  4. I really admire your time management skillz! You get to do many things at the same time and still blog about it. Teach me your skills, master!

    P.S. having too much feelings is normal. We’re humans after all. Just don’t let it dampen your mood much. :)

  5. Hearing you perform live was so amazing and surreal, I can’t wait for your album to come out! Next time I’ll make sure to get a decent photo with you and a sticker haha. Also, I hope you feel better!!!