How To Collage (A Workshop)

Wherein I teach you how to do what I do with paper and things



Hey kind Internet folks! I have news for you! In a nutshell:

1. I’m doing another collage workshop very soon. Unli food and drinks y’all.

2. I’m giving away free stickers

3. A sneak peek of my new portfolio that’s under wraps

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I love collages.

To long time readers or followers of my life, this will come as no surprise to you, especially since I’ve bombarded you with so much of my collage works in the past. For me, collaging isn’t something that you can really put into basic rules. It’s more instinctive than anything else. It’s listening to your taste and letting it dictate your work.

If I could pick one thing that I get asked about the most, it’s my hair. If I could pick two, it would be my hair –  and my collages. Every now and then, I would get questions from people, asking me how I get my inspiration for my work, how I get my resources, how I go about the process of making a collage, etc etc etc. So many things on my and Twitter, also on open mic moments during my speaking engagements.

So to end all the questioning, I held my first ever collage workshop last April! I had such a blast, and my students were all fast learners who did so well! But that workshop was a bit of a short-notice thing, so a lot of people requested a repeat of that!


Therefore – request granted you guys.

I’m holding a repeat of my first collage workshop, and this time I’m giving you the option to choose the date that would be most convenient for you! Some things about my upcoming workshop, to guide your decision accordingly:


1. This is for EVERYONE – This collage workshop is for beginners and casual collagists alike! No need to be hesitant or scared!

2. Venue  – For now, the location will most probably be in a restaurant in BGC (still ironing out the details) but yup!

3. Unlimited Food and Drinks - You guys, this is a workshop that comes with UNLIMITED munchies. I mean WHAT??

4. Fee – There will be a small fee, but I guarantee that it’ll be around the Php 1,500 to Php 2,500 range, to cover for materials, venue, etc.

5. Materials – Materials will be provided, but I’d need you to bring some old magazines that you don’t mind cutting up.


If you seem convinced (I know, unli food and drinks got me, hook line and sinker), please answer this short survey regarding the workshop dates. Just click what date would you most prefer the workshop to be held, and type your email address below so I can reach you for updates. To clarify, by answering the survey, it doesn’t mean that you are already 100% going. So you can definitely be unsure at the moment about joining, yet still answer the survey! That way, it’ll give me a better grasp of your schedules, so we can all meet halfway and be happy!





I’ve recently been giving away free stickers of my song lyrics under Reese Lansangan. I have them on me all the time, so if you approach me in any of my gigs, I’ll gladly give you one! This is to let you know that they exist! They’re pretty cute, if I am allowed to gloat at all.





Two words. PORT. FOLIO.

Just kidding, that’s just one word, but anywayyyyyyyy guysssss, I’ve been working on an update of my existing portfolio! My current one is so unbelievably outdated, it’s ridiculous. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing. Nothing too fancy, but you’ll definitely see a lot more of what I do up on that site. I’m also working on a SHOP feature, in which you can buy my prints, stickers, zines, music, etc – all in one hustlin’ and bustlin’ place. AIN’T THAT GRAND?  I’m super excited. I just need to get over the laziness and pull it together!


That’s it for my very short update! I hope to see some of you in my collage workshop! Please answer the survey! And follow my Facebook music page for my gig schedules! Mwahugzzz.


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  1. YAY for another workshop!! So happy that it’s at BGC which means there is a bigger chance for my parents to allow me to commute hihi ♡ Super excited for your shop!! ♡♡♡ And omg is there an Exploration No.5 sticker?? (although all the other stickers are nice ♡♡♡) (daming hearts HAHAHA ♡♡♡)

    1. Celine: Merong Explo sticker! It says “A thunderbolt through the heart” hahaha! Yaaay hope you can come to the workshop!!!! WIll update very soon!

    1. Thank you Laura! Glad to have you all the way from Colombia! Greetings from sunny, humid, Manila :D