Grammar Nazi (Original Song)

I'll retch if you say "stuffs"


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I honestly feel like I’ve just dug my own grave by writing a song called “Grammar Nazi”. Now, any grammatical error I make (online or otherwise) would be deemed unforgivable.  D E A D S.


I just care about good grammar


I’m not sure how I came about the idea of writing a “rough guide” to good grammar.

It’s not the first time I’ve tried to deliver a lesson under the guise of a pop song. I wrote “A Song About Space” in 2013 – a cutesy tune that has an educational undertone to it. One day, I got a random tweet from this girl, thanking me for my song. Apparently, my outro has helped her answer the bonus questions of her Science exam. Crazy, right? And that’s one of my life goals, really. To make people a bit more informed through my songs. To be Barney, basically.

Ever since that moment, I’ve sort of made it my artist statement to try and write songs that tell a good story. I want to talk about things that aren’t usually talked about in songs. I want to go beyond the topics of love and heartbreak, and go be that person who would brave the underworld of specificities and tackle things that people often think about, but never sing about.


When i first tried writing Grammar Nazi, it had a completely different melody and story. The verses were centered on wondering why I was so enamoured by this guy who was rather stupid. Then in the chorus, I went on to name a list of things that I wanted the guy to be:

Be nice, be great, be literate, and make sure to punctuate the endings of your sentences.

I felt tongue-tied every single time I would try to sing the chorus. Also, I can’t seem to get comfortable with saying the word “LITERATE”, without me sounding like I’m saying Litter 8. It was a struggle to be understood. Although I have performed the first version of Grammar Nazi in a live gig once, I still wasn’t happy with it. Melody-wise, it just wasn’t fitting well with the intent of the song (which was to be slightly funny). The only thing that stood out for me was my pre-chorus (the apostrophe s’s bit, which I ended up keeping in the final version!).


I let the song rest and went on about my life, until about a month after, I had this bass line stuck in my head. I was getting water from the dispenser, humming to myself, when I found myself singing - “I’m not a nazi… I just care about good grammar”. That line was not in the original version of the song, but it worked so well, I surprised myself with how simple it was.

When I stumbled upon that, I heard a click, and I quickly got my guitar and rewrote the entire song. I sent out this tweet:



And suggestions went flying! It’s always good to be reminded of how people can be so passionate about grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. So with the help of the suggestions I got via social media, I got to work.

And then comes the rap break.

I suggest you brush up
On your subject-verb agreement
If we’ll keep this up
It’s gonna be a commitment
You never say “Dogs barks”
You just say “bark”
Pay a bit of attention
We’re gonna take it to the park

Double negatives
And all its relatives
Don’t sound no good
If they ain’t in a rap song
I’m gonna break it down for you
I hate it when you say “furnitures”
When you mean “pieces of furniture”

Let the plural be pluralized
English language doesn’t deserve to be compromised
It’s TO to direct
TOO for “too much”
Two is a number, learn it
Else I’ll be holding a grudge

THERE’S two baby cubs
And THEIR momma lion
THEY’RE together, this is clear as day
If you’re debating “If I was” vs “If I were”, I say
Who would you believe more?
Bieber or Beyonce


I’ve always declared that if I had an alter-ego, it would be a blinged out, beatboxing, rapping, hip-hopping hip-hopper who wears MC Hammer pants and coordinated prints. I’d also be rocking Boracay style cornrows. It has always been a goal of mine to incorporate “rap” or effective wordplay to any indie pop song that I do. I’ve been a huge fan of Spektor’s Consequence of Sound since I first heard it, and I wanted to challenge myself lyrically by writing a similar song. I thought Grammar Nazi would be a perfect platform to do so.

Bieber and Beyonce gets special mention in this song, by the way. It seems to be the favorite part of most, judging by the tweets and sceencaps I’ve been sent! Whoop!

Anyway, enough talk! Here’s the full song on Youtube! It has been generously shared by lots of friends and strangers alike! It also has been featured as a daily track by Radio Republic, and featured on as well! And they said that everything I do is “inevitably charming”. KILIG. Their words, not mine! Enjoy, and give me feedback if you liked the song!

Click THIS to tweet my song, #GrammarNazi – you can edit the content if you like! But I would super appreciate a share on your social media accounts!


I would also like to thank Jason Conanan of Point Bee Multimedia for the live recording and mixing of this song, also to Josh Villena of Autotelic fame and Maya’s Anklet for playing lead!

Peace out, y’all <3

And P.S. – In case I made any grammatical error in this song, DO YOU PROMISE TO TELL ME? I need to revise to keep my cred. HAHA.

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  1. “Although I have performed the first version of Grammar Nazi in a live gig once” — Are you pertaining to Siklab 2015? If yes, I was there! Sobrang nagandahan ako sa kantang ito! (natakot ako bigla mag english) HAHAHAH

    Lumapit ako actually sa inyo ni BP at nagpapicture ako, HAHA *fan boy mode lalalala :) Any, your music is amazing :) Favorite ko ang Creeper forevs :) Next time i will ask for a sticker! :D

  2. “Although I have performed the first version of Grammar Nazi in a live gig once” — Are you pertaining to Siklab 2015? If yes, I was there! :)
    Sobrang chill ng kantang ‘to, at oo may matututunan talaga pagkatapos ng kanta. (natakot ako bigla mag-english, HAHA)

    Your music is really amazing :) And oh! I was surprised that you are giving away free stickers! The next time I will ask for it :)

    Salamat sa music :)

    PS: Creeper is <3 <3 and your Minnie Mouse tat is oh so awesome :) Godbless!

    1. Hey Jai, I was actually pertaining to a gig I did in Century Mall – the Grammar Nazi song back then had different verses pa, but the Siklab version was already the final version hihi!!! Btw, the Minnie Mouse wasn’t a tattoo – it was made to look like one lang because of the tights I was wearing. Pretty cool huh? :D

  3. I came across this song on the radio and this is totally my song for a guy right now! ha.ha.
    Salamat, nawa’y patuloy kang lumikha ng musika, taas kamao para sa pinoy indie music! :D