On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink (Mean Girls Original Song)


So I wrote a song about the cult classic movie, Mean Girls.
An untouchable movie, but I had to pay homage in some way.

*Full lyrics below*

Please read my disclaimer VERY CAREFULLY before taking this song *too seriously*. This song does not intend to offend anyone!!!!!

It took me so long to actually commit to a finished version of the song. There’s just SO MUCH golden moments in the movie that I wrote about & wanted to include, but didn’t make the cut in the interest of “brevity”. The burn book, the hoop earrings, “I’m from Michigan”, “Let’s go to Taco Bell”, boo you wh*re! SO. MUCH!

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But writing On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink had been SO much fun. I’ve had great responses from earlier gigs where I’ve played cut versions of this song. I sincerely hope that all those who get to watch this would feel amused, nostalgic, snarky, or all of the above. Shares with friends or on social media would be appreciated! I’d love for more people to hear this. The shortlink is bit.do/meangirlssong !!!

At this point, I’m assuming everybody knows this movie already – or at least has watched it once, since some people quote this on a daily basis. BUT IF, on the off-chance, you haven’t watched it yet… well. What a grave mistake. Please do something about it! :)

My ginormous thanks to:

Andrew Panopio, Miles Malferarri, and Andrew de Pano of Dearest, – for accompanying me! Also, Panopio for your wonderful rooftop!

Shutterpanda and BoxArt, for patiently shooting & editing this video
(specifically Topher Alelis for doing the karaoke sub edit!)

Rizza Cabrera & David Lina – sound recording

Isa Salazar – for helping me conceive the crazy chorus to this song, one random day at MVP

Tina Fey – for being the comical genius that you are. Thank you for writing this gift and releasing it to the world


– – –


Music & Lyrics by Reese Lansangan (c) 2014


Janis Ian, dyke ( x 3)
Diving in a sea of lesbians

Cady is the new girl

She’s just trying to get it right
They ask, if youre from Africa
Then why are you white
She kicks it off first day,
She thinks she’ll ne okay
But she makes no friends
So she sits in the bathroom eating her lunch -
Cheer up Cady,
Dont be a baby
Cady finds it so, so hard to concentrate on class
Why even care when you can just stare
At Aaron Samuels’s ass
And it’s not all rainbows, not all smiles at Northshore High
She’s the new prey who tries everyday
To escape Kevin G’s harassment in the hallway
Enter the Plastics, (Karen!)
She likes her cousin Seth
Gretchen, with Toaster Streudel breath
Regina, the meanest of them all
She can sabotage your life with just one phone call
And you could go shave your back now Jason
(Shave your back)
The votes are in and they go
None for Gretchen
Four for you Glenn Coco
She’s a Mathlete
Don’t give her that seat
Cause Kalteen bars is all she can eat
She’s a Spring Fling Queen
A Plastic
Who made army pants and flip flops fantastic
Home-schooled jungle freak
Who barely made it alive on her first week
And in Northshore
Hormones abloom
At the projection room
Above the auditorium
Is butter a carb x3
The limit does not exist (yeah)
Is butter a carb x3
Diving in a sea of lesbians!

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  1. Reese! Good job on this song. Unrelated, but can you post a map of the world with pins in the places you have traveled (and maybe in parenthesis, how many times)? I feel like this should go in your ask.fm but yup here it is anyway.