Things of the Month: October 2014

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OCTOBER HAS BEEN MY BUSIEST MONTH YOU GUYS! YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE! Let me share to you a gist of my month in photos!



Exhibit A:

Here’s a nifty feature of me and my exhibit at The Philippine Star’s Youngstar! If you weren’t able to get ahold of the physical copy, you can read the online interview here – an interview I’m quite proud of. Below are some of my answers that didn’t make it to the full article! Thank you to Elise Montinola for writing the feature, and for Maine Manalansan for taking my portrait! Thank you also Youngstar for printing me on your pages!

The Gathering Season is still up and running at Heima Brixton until November 15, by the way! You should definitely drop by, there are still collages up for sale :)


Exhibit B:

Speaking of Youngstar, I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a #YSTakeover last week – which is to say, I invaded their Instagram account and posted stuff on their behalf. Check some of the photos I shared on Instagram!


photo 4

Exhibit C:

I’ve been back in the studio, recording this past week! Feels great to do music again, after a long mini hiatus! Many music-related things of interest are in store this coming November-December, so please watch out for that :D


photo 5

Exhibit D:

I’ve been working a special project for a magazine this past week, and here’s a sneak peek of the patterns I made for that project. This is the result of a whole all-nighter. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to churn out 6 satisfactory patterns in a night. NEVER SAY NEVER, IPUSH MO LANG YAN GIRL should be a new motto.


photo 6

Exhibit E:

I don’t think I’ve ever announced on my blog, but 1), I’ve been writing haikus on my Twitter account @reeseypeasy and they’ve been getting a lot of good feedback so 2) I made a zine out of it.

Presenting Today’s Haiku, a 20-paged DIY zine featuring my tweeted haikus + accompanying mini collages per poem. I’ve been selling this for 100 pesos each (autographed LOLOL) copy, and I’m on my last batch of Volume 1! I can’t believe the overwhelming support I got for this! I thought that only a few 10 something friends would be convinced to buy a 100 peso booklet of poems, so I just did this haiku zine mostly for fun. But yeah, great feedback from people! Orders keep coming in for my zine and stickers, so THANK YOU ALL!

I’d just like to announce that yup, I’m down to my last batch of Volume 1, cause I’m doing Volume 2 soon! If you wanna order, just email me and I’ll ship them to you! Let me know and drop me a line at reeselansangan @ gmail . com – WORD!


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Exhibit F:

I’ve started this new thing wherein I’ll be posting an Instavid of me covering a song of your request, or me doing an original song of mine. I’ve done my first one featuring my new, unfinished, untitled original, and got some requests over at the comment section. If you have any requests for me, you can comment on the original Instavid I posted! I’ll be posting a new cover this week, so YES! ACTIVITY ON MY INSTAGRAM! PARTYYYY! WHOOO WHOOOP!




Exhibit G:

One of the main things that kept me occupied this October was illustrating for the phenomenal food blog,! I’ve been a fan since I first visited the site (fact: one of the founders, Ate Mye, was my TNT / facilitator in Ateneo OrSem (college orientation)) – so working with them was pretty cool. Here are some of the illustrations I worked on this month.

What’s funny and nerve-wracking is I’m not even a real illustrator, but the managing editor purchased some of my illustrated postcards during the Design Her Story pop-up bazaar, and recommended me to do stuff for October! It was a challenge to churn out so many illustrations in tight deadlines, but it’s been great fun working on their articles and drawing foooood. Thank you Pepper for the opportunity!


photo 2

photo 3

Exhibit H:

It was my birthday two weeks ago, (October 16) and I just turned T W E N T Y  F O U R. That went by pretty fast! 2014 has been SUCH A GOOD YEAR for me though, so I’m thankful for what 23 has given me. My family isn’t big on birthdays so on my birthday night, I was already intent on just having pasta (noodles for long life guys) with my Mom and sister for dinner then watching Game of Thrones while doing my illustration work. Imagine my surprise when I got home and my friends suddenly jumped out of a cocoon chair. One of my friends actually mentioned the surprise party by accident on our LINE group chat. I even read her message, but I misinterpreted what she said and didn’t think any of it so I still had NO CLUE about the mini party brewing up at my house. I guess it’s a good thing that I am TERRIBLE at smelling any surprises being cooked up for me. Super thank you to my Mom for arranging the whole thing!!!! Here’s an unrelated photo of me during my birthday + my bling of choice. Space all the way!



photo 2

Exhibit I:

AMY TAN CAME OVER TO THE PHILIPPINES FOR THE PHILIPPINE LITERARY FESTIVAL! Good thing I wasn’t sleeping that time we passed by Guadalupe so I got to see the billboard featuring her wonderful face + Chang Rae-Lee’s (whose work I have not read yet huhu). I immediately checked the schedule for her book signing and to my dismay, it was happening at 2pm – the exact same time my gig was over at Capital Commons’ Muni Market.

I bribed my sister to cover for me at the Amy Tan book signing, and she thankfully obliged. By the time I finished my gig though, the signing was still on-going so my Mom called me up and bought me three other books so I could get them signed myself! The wait was LONG but made comfortable because it was at a fancy hotel ballroom. Amy Tan and I had a lovely chat about haikus and hair colour. She has expressed to me that she wants to go blonde after her book tour. I’ll be stalker her on her social networking sites until that happens.


Thank you for having me, @USTblogcon !! It was a pleasure!

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Exhibit J:

I recently did this  talk about blogging in UST and I met so many amazing readers of reeseypeasy, some of them even gave me their illustrations of me (!!!!). Sometimes I forget that my readers exist, cause I’ve been so inactive in the blogging world and also been churning out uninteresting posts as of late. Though speaking for the audience was great, I felt a bit bad that I wasn’t as active as I used to when I first started blogging. I also got inspired by the younger speakers who are still bright-eyed about the industry, that I’ve decided to commit to doing at least ONE BLOG POST every week. So that’s at least 4 in a month – better than my old, kung kelan nalang maisipan, surprise!!! blogging schedule prior.

So far, I’ve done three this month. Not bad, yeah? The great thing about this is it seems like a promise I can actually commit to. One post a week isn’t too much, and I want to give what’s left of my readers a bit of something to look forward to, you know? I can’t guarantee which day in a week I’d be posting, but I will be coming up with SOMETHING – ANYTHING, just to stick to this promise.

To those who are still here reading the blog, thank you for sticking around <3

– – –


P.S. This was done in August so it technically doesn’t belong here, but I haven’t ever posted this up! Reese & Vica did a livestreamed gig on Youtube two months ago, and you can relive it in its full glory above. Play it in the background while you’re working or eating or whatever else! It’s a fun “episode”, if I do say so myself! We performed 11 original songs and answered some questions that were sent to us via Twitter. A second livestream will happen this November!

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  1. Awww, your zine is in-demand! I want oooooone.

    And excuse you, there was no “jumping out” of anything. Everyone was perfectly dignified and cool.

    Amy Tan~~!!!! I dug out my copy of Joy Luck Club yesterday for future rereading haha. You actually got to talk to her?? Lol look at the Chinese people in your life. Last time you were Polaroid-ing it up with Vienna Teng. :))

    I kind of lol’d at this post because REESE WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE. I’m beginning to suspect you have a time-turner or something.

    1. Amanda: I’m giving you one as a gift remembeeer? The next time I see you, I shall hand it over!! I posted some haikus over at LJ hehe. And yes, I might have exaggerated for the storytelling (about the jumping part). Also YES Amy Tan, you must reread! Remember I just got a new old book of her on the day of my birthday? Then I got four new books pa for signing haha. She has this beautifully illustrated children’s book The Moon Lady which is an excerpt from The Joy Luck Club. Super gandaaaa huhuhu you have to see it!

      And yup you have uncovered my secret. I AM HERMIONE, BASICALLY. Haha it’s really hard to do everything when you’re supposed to, though. It’s a lot of sleepless nights and sacrifices, but it’s rewarding to look back and celebrate what you’ve actually done for the week / month. WHEEEEE projects give me a sense of purpose hahahaha. If they’re gone, wala na. I will be an overweight couch potato.