I Don’t Make Clothes Out Of Loom Bands


OH HEY LOOK, ACTUAL CLOTHES! Being the royally late updater that I am, these ~outfit~ shots from my Japan trip last July is only being posted a full month after. But it’s a milestone that they even made it online, so I pat myself on the back. I quite enjoyed putting together this “ensemble” because it hits all the right chords for me = fun, visually interesting, comfortable, with a hint of boyishness.


The platform sneakers have been acquired the day before this picture was taken, hence the immaculate condition of it in this photo. Nowadays, the patent material is a bit wrinkly from use, but that’s how shoes are. You can’t keep them pristine if you actually are wearing them. I also have a love affair for sheer socks, and a penchant for taking photos of my feet on floors with Asiany writing on them.



It might be worth mentioning that I bought my rainbow top from Maya Kibbel in the PH, who I think originally bought it in Japan, so it’s unknowingly making a full circle. I posted a photo of myself wearing this outfit on my Facebook account, and a friend thought that I stuck loom bands on to my chest as a hobby. She thinks I have too much time in my hands, obviously.



Dramatic side glance over hurrr.



Yay! My photo diary for Shimokitazawa (Japan Day 3) is coming! It’s one of my favorite places so, wait for it! Not for another eternity, I hope.


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  1. I like your platforms! It breaks my heart seeing the wrinkles on my shoes too but that means I wear them really often. :D I have the same necklace as you too! I love duckies, they’re so cute <3