Travel Journal [ Japan 2013 ]

Wherein I share with you some scans of my Japan 2013 travel journal.

Like most of the things that end up on this blog, my intention was to post these scans last year. But as it happens, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEM.

However, it’s high time that I get around to posting this now, since A) it’s been more than a year since the actual Japan trip, and my excuses are getting a bit embarrassing, and B) I’m leaving for another trip to Japan in two weeks!!!! RING THEM BELLS!!!! I am so psyched to finally, finally visit Kyoto and pretend to be a ninja / samurai in one of the historical open air museums. Watch me try, cause I really will.


I missed last year’s Design Festa at Odaiba cause I decided to meet with my dear friend Ate AM. We had a capital time – I busked at Harajuku with my ukulele, we cooked unlimited okonomiyaki, and frolicked the streets of Daikanyama and Nakano. And then overindulged on super large bowls of Ippudo Ramen.



I stole some stickers off Harajuku’s lamp posts. I’m sorry, but sticker graffiti is public art.



We live for 100 yen – 390 yen shops. Obviously because everything else is overpriced in Japan :(  On the right is a dried flower I plucked from the peaceful village of Daikanyama. I’m sorry, nature. This is my art journal we’re talking about.



JR train ticket stubs. Not the most imaginative collage page ever, I know, but please accept it.



Lol I don’t know. Not happy with the composition on this one. Just focus on the Harajuku postcard.

– – –

Let me know if you want more of these “art journal” types of posts in the future!   And even if you don’t, well, tough luck. I’m posting them all here anyway ;)

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