We Be Jammin


Please don’t hate on my smug face, but this is possibly my favorite t-shirt ever. It’s tattered and old but it’s shockingly vibrant and I got it for 5 pesos. I win.


And I’ve actually been to Nassau, Bahamas, so at least I’m not a tourist poser when I’m wearing this.


photo 1

I actually got my ~jammin~ rainbow get up out for Reese & Vica’s gig at Fete de la Musique’s acoustic stage! Fete is an annual music festival celebrated worldwide, and  we feel so honored to be part of this year’s stellar acoustic line-up, together with friends (Rizza Cabrera, Bullet Dumas, The Sun Manager, BP, etc) and amazing artists such as Johnoy Danao, Aia de Leon, Lee Grane, and Kitchie Nadal.



These beautiful embroidered espadrilles from Cambodia might be the only match for my acid trip of a rainbow tie-dye shirt.



Yes hello. Here is my outfit, featuring the water meter and some pipes.



Test shots in the car.



Fete de la Musique backstage!! This is the Elements 2013 (Batch 4) photo. I’m with Ridge of Library Kids, Seed Bunye of Seed Bunye, and Rizza Cabrera of Rizza Cabrera + Chimichangas hihi.



My favorite local act, no exaggeration. Vica and I met Bullet Dumas in 2011, when we played at QC Circle for the 7 Wonders of Nature campaign of Puerto Princessa’s Underground River. I fell hard in love with his music and basically lived off the few tracks he privately sent me over email. Now, he has a three-track EP out, which you can avail by tweeting him @bulletdumas . Do it, y’all.



I look like a kid going on a field trip. I’m missing the propeller to top off my grand cap.



Me with my brother from another mother, Ace Libre. How tiny am I in comparison! We actually look like father and son here. My cap ain’t adding to my femininity.



Lee Grane from The Voice, doing her intimate set.



Haven’t seen Aia de Leon since she became one of our mentors in the Elements camp, hence this very excited hugging photo happened. It’s so surreal that I’m actually even “friends” with her, since I’ve been listening and singing and playing Imago since early high school. Isn’t it weird when you become acquaintances with  the people who were once just singing in your iPod?



Had to take a photo with this hilarious “Poo-Poo and Wee-Wee” sign. In Tagalog, this translates to a poop and piss corner. Next to me is Ate Flo(rence), one of our tour guides when we went up to Banaue last year.



My homegurl, Rizza Cabrera. It’s my first time seeing her perform with an actual band, so that was cool. Her big sound got even bigger. In a figurative sense, of course <3



Photo with Toni B.! It’s my first time to hear her perform, but mother-eff does she work the keyboard. Her voice, as I’ve told her, seems to have been made specifically for baby-making. So sultry and confident and unapologetic. She is also hilarious and really, really friendly!



Instax shots from Rizza’s camera, c/o Seed.


photo 2

And I end with a silly photo of me and Vica. It’s apparent how different we are. Polar opposites, even. From clothes, to hair, to tone of voice, we really are like night and day. But that’s why we work so well as a duo, I think :) That’s where the magic is.

– – –

To sum this inconsistent and jumpy post all up, thank you Fete people for having us this year! We had a wonderful time! ++ we have a gig tomorrow (June 24, Tuesday) at Route 196. We play at 8:30 pm. Come if you are free! And if you’re not, then well. Make yourself free? That is all, thanks thanks.


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