Most days, dressing up feels like a chore. I’m like a river that has run dry. I have no more ideas for fun outfits, and OOTDs have become a bit of a passé. I’m just glad I have clothes to wear so that I’m not entirely naked.



A lot of times, I just let a plain, oversized dress swallow me whole. But it’s not like I’ve fallen out of love with fashion. It’s just that I sometimes get lazy to make the effort to think about the clothes on my back. I’d rather work on other things. But I want to get out of that stump. Life is short, and I honestly don’t want to keep spending my days in drab garb.



I watched Shawshank Redemption the night before – (super awesome movie by the way) – so I decided to take a cue from the Shawshank Prison uniform. Washed out denim on denim, and a gray flannel cap for good measure.



Of course, I couldn’t just settle for ordinary denim. I had to wear double printed umbrella-Mickey Mouse ones.



I’m sorry. This is not sacrilege. I threw in a Jesus necklace for the whole effect, imagining that prisoners don’t have much to do inside their cells except find something to occupy themselves with. In Shawshank, the prisoners are each provided with a copy of The Bible, which I believe drives some inmates into a more religious way of life, what with almost nothing left to hold on to.


VV-1I hope the concept came through, at the very least :))


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  1. I love this Shawshank look and have always admired your outfit combinations. Maybe now is just the time to wear whatever you feel like at the moment and perhaps later on you’ll have even better ideas for outfits. =D