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As you may or may not know, two weeks ago, I was frolicking in Seoul, Korea with four of my dearest friends. It was totally a riot, because we spent every waking day of our eight days together. There was no bickering, no petty argument unlike what we had predicted. And instead of being totally sick of each other, when we got back we clung together like edamame beans. We daily anticipated one another’s messages in LINE and had to meet up again over coffee and cake to moan about our dream vacation that has now come to an end.

We did all sorts of things, but mostly pig out on copious amounts of chadolbaegi and samgyeopsal.  But we did some touristy things too! We paid a visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace – a place which I went to and blogged about before . This time, we didn’t have budget to actually go inside the palace so we just took pictures and polaroids in front of the structure with our super long monopod.

I specifically chose this ethnic-y outfit cause I thought it would match the palace and the hanok (traditional) villages. When traveling, I am guilty of choosing clothes by matching them with my daily itinerary. Pictures had to be taken, and thanks to my photographer friend Tata, this outfit has been properly (and beautifully) documented. 1 UP!









Outfit match SUCCESS!!!!!

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  1. Hamburger and fries never go wrong! Hmm… what if you have one hamburger sock and one fries sock paired together? :D I think that’ll be fun (^^)

  2. HAMBURGER SOCKS HAMBURGER SOCKS HAMBURGER SOCKS!!!!! AHHHHHH. omg. okay. i loooove them! in case you didnt already figure that out, ;). hahah. love the colors in these photos too!

    at this volume