Things of the Week


Technically, these are things from last week but I’m sure by now, you all know how prompt I am at posting.

Take this toy xylophone for example. I got this from, of all places, Binondo! It is completely non-functional because you will not get a single decent tune out of this thing disguised as an instrument. It is revoltingly out of tune, as if the makers just literally chopped up pieces of metal without calibrating them to sound like a Do Re Mi. BUT, it looks perfect in all its rainbow brite goodness. I bought it for novelty, so I could display it in our soon-to-be-finished studio.



I hit the vinyl jackpot, as I managed to score 5 of these classic records for 40 pesos (lesss than a dollar) each from a yard sale. M-HMM.

Although not my ultimate favorite classical composer, my bones still jumped at the sight of Tchaikovsky. And please look at that red cover, graphically design to perfection. I had to get it.  And I might have mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE The Sound of Music. I actually bought a CD of the soundtrack with my own money during my 12th birthday, just because. At one point, I even took an acronym from the lyrics of The Lonely Goatherd and made that my password for my desktop and email. Needless to say, I really loved this movie. Imagine my excitement when I found a vinyl of the soundtrack hidden underneath stacks of unknown artists. Yellowing plastic and dust and all, I had to give the record a slight hug upon my discovery of it.



And then I grabbed Alvin and the Chipmunks’ Christmas Records just because it would be so fun to play during family gatherings  and amidst the holiday festivities. I know that Volume 2 has seen its fair share of molds in its lifetime, but that’s why I was getting it for dirt cheap. Can’t complain.



I sampled all these new deco tapes (note: not washi tapes) which I got last month. These are all, I’m assuming, Chinese imitations of the original (mt) brand except for the orange polka dot one with the stripes, which is an actual (mt) tape. Even though they’re not of the best quality, I found some of the designs to still be really cute, like the girlish dresser paraphernalia tape below (featuring a hand mirror and a perfume bottle). And of course, the dancing monkeys and zebras at the top.



Lastly, I’m already at the tail-end of my journey as a fashion student, being merely two weeks away from my graduation. Here’s a “sneak peek” detail of one of the outfits  I designed for the show! These paillettes took A LOT of time to sew down and I’m just saying – no easy feat. I’m really excited for this show to come to fruition, as we’ve worked so hard with our designs – changing and scrapping things along the way. We’ve come a long way.

So while I’m at it, if you want to come by and watch the SoFA Graduation Show this year, it will be on March 19 at night, at the Rockwell Tent. Will post up an official announcement once I’m done making our invitation, but I’d appreciate the support! I’m sure you’ll also really enjoy the show.


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  1. OMG, the classics look so awesome! They’d look nice even on display! :D I love sound of music too, I bought the movie and watched the entire thing until my family were sick of it lol.
    I might be studying fashion too (That is, if I pass my college interview end of this month) and just to let you know, you’re always one of my inspiration. :)