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The inevitable truth of having colored hair is that IT WILL FADE – sooner than you think. If only I can go about my life without shampooing, or heck, not taking a bath at all (ew though), I probably would. Cause that would mean I’d get to keep my colorful locks forever. But alas. Grooming is a non-negotiable in this century.

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I shot this look for Kawaii PH on Day 2 of my violet hair, so this is as fresh as you can get. But as of now, my hair is a faded purple yam color. Not that anyone cares. But do check out the full issue of Kawaii.ph Looks below :)


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photo 4

Outfit details:

Outerwear and dress from Thailand, cat bag from China, accessories from Juicy Couture, Forever21, and Thailand, Socks from Japan, Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell




Sorry if this is a haphazardly constructed entry with little text blurbs all over the place, but let us take a moment to marvel at the amazing art of Chichi Romero of Little Miss Paintbrush. It is a drawing of me in a Sailor Scout outfit AND I AM CRYING. It’s like a fulfilment of a dream, is all.

The reason for the spawning of this magnificent poster is cause we at Kawaii PH will be needing your help to write the ultimate kawaii song. To all my Japan loving readers out there, if you have any thoughts about what kawaii is for you, tweet us @kawaii_ph or comment on this entry – and we just might make your answers as part of the lyrics to the upcoming kawaii song we’re brewing up for you. AIN’T THAT COOL, y’all?

And as promised, here’s an embed of the first issue of Kawaii.PH Looks for your perusal :)

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  1. i love the fading youve got going on here though, it looks super cool and intentional. i have to say, purple was probably the toughest color to upkeep when i had colored hair. it faded faster than any color i had. the color that lasted longest on me was teal but that was probably because i mixed two brands and added a lot of conditioner to my concoction. you make me wish i hadn’t thrown black on my hair! but its fading out and i’ve got some weird green witchyblack going on lol.

    at this volume