Hi and Bye


Wherein I tell you a short anecdote.




Last weekend, I borrowed my sister’s Hi Bye sweater from Forever21 (shout-out, thank you~). I’ve always secretly envied this sweater of hers because it’s perfectly quirky but wearable in any weather because of its lightness. However, after an afternoon of wearing the top, I soon realized that owning this piece of clothing isn’t exactly the best thing you could do for yourself.

I was at Rockwell with my Mom this particular afternoon, and almost everywhere I went, sales clerks and guards would say “Hi” to me, and “Bye” as soon as I turned their backs against them. I didn’t think that people would feel the need to point out the obvious, but apparently they still did.

No harm done, but still. I’ll have to keep in mind to resist this sweater’s charms and not to borrow it ever again.


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