Things of the Week


A) I guess we should start with the obvious… NEW HAIR.

The color of purple yam and Barney, dipped in blue inkwell. I like it a lot, actually. No room for humility here, obviously. For a while now, I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should dye my hair back to black again. I guess the upkeep of colored hair is getting too demanding, and I find that wearing certain color combinations (in clothes) look weird with vibrant hair color.

Anyway, I like how it’s much darker now. Though my cat Peko the Neko seems to be weirded out, still. She’ll get used to it.



B) The Joy Luck Club. This particular copy was a gift to me by my cousin on my 18th birthday. I’ve heard great things about it but for some reason, I never got to actually read it until last week, when I saw it sticking out from my book shelf. Point is, I breezed through the whole book so quickly because of Amy Tan’s magical and beautiful storytelling. It’s brilliant, and I finished the book while I was having my hair bleached. It must’ve been the combination of chemicals and the surge of emotions, but I had tears streaming down my face by the time I closed the book. The Joy Luck Club is a MASTERPIECE. Everyone should read it.

P.S. The book is already kind of falling apart so I taped the bottom with a washi tape that matches perfectly with the book! I am amused at the coordination.



C) Been occupying myself by doing some beading for my final collection. Here is a tiny chunk of what I’ve been working on lately! It’s a land mass, if you can’t already tell. The beads are tiny and made up of various colors that it’s kind of crazy how I enjoy doing this tedious task. But I do.

I have a whole cropped jacket to fill with these land masses, so. WORD.



D) It’s been unusually chilly here in the Philippines for the past few weeks now, and I’ve been craving for a proper hot chocolate recipe that wasn’t just Swiss Miss + hot water. So I went to the Internet, the gold mine of all the information you’ll ever need, and I found this recipe from Urbanara.

Not only does it have well-directed photos that explain the chocolate drink making in step-by-step fashion, but the whole site itself is SUCH a beauty. I stumbled upon this website by accident and found myself browsing through their “Journal” entries until I reached the end. I was crying inside because the site is curated so carefully. The content felt so homey, the layout so clean, and the photography perfectly executed in every entry. Basically, this site won me over and I thought I should share it with you as well.


Scary baby collage

E) Last week, I was working on a collage to be printed on one of my Final Collection tops, and I came up with this by accident. I am not sure how I arrived to the decision of putting a baby’s face on top of it all, but I thought it worked in a visual level. The collage doesn’t really mean anything, and I eventually came up with something to print, but this composition was an accidental that came up in the process of building the final image. I thought it could stand well on its own, so I took a screen cap and here it is!

– – – – – –

My week has been filled with lots of work-related stress so I can’t share much groundbreaking news. It’s a good thing I colored my hair differently last week. At least, there’s that for my main photo.

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  1. Love the new hair color. I recently dyed my hair dark again too. I have mixed feelings about it…kind of miss lighter hair, but I’m tired of worrying about always re-dying my roots. The struggle! Ha :)

    Super looking forward to seeing your final beaded piece!

  2. i love your hair color !!! did you dye it by yourself ? or in a salon ? i been planning to dye my hair into color pink but im afraid that it would be a failure . XD