Cloud Atlas


So sorry, I couldn’t think of any other title to describe this post so I just went with a book title. Heh.


HEY HEY! Here’s a short “OOTD” entry from our Disneyland 2013 trip (which I have yet to post about). I bought this perfect cloud blazer in Bangkok last October and I thought about where I’d be able to appropriately wear such a flashy piece of clothing. And the answer is DISNEYLAND.



Of course, in my world, clouds go with more clouds, so I wore my cloudy dress underneath and called that a day.



I had these photos haphazardly taken at the park opening, as at that time we could care less about taking outfit shots. All we wanted to do was get Fastpasses for Space Mountain and munch on turkey legs.



And of course, I’m once again wearing my staple creepers, which I take with me whenever I travel. It’s FLAT and rock hard, so walking the whole day with it takes a bit of getting used to ┬áBut they suit almost every outfit I wear, so sorry if that’s all the footwear you will ever see from me. And lastly, here’s a preview of some pins in our Disney pin collection! Please check that dangling Jasmine figure at the end of my lanyard, and that bejeweled Cheshire Cat keychain which I got from Tokyo. Both are awesome and both are mine. Yay.


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  1. I’ve always wondered: where did you get your creepers? I’m looking for one to invest in and yours look like they are really strong. How much did it cost?

    1. Hi Alecks, my creepers are SUPER strong and sturdy cause they came from Japan, where creepers really emerged from. My soles are super thick and solid which is why walking with it feels like you’re walking with a stone tablet. Other creepers that you’ll find would have soles made out of a foamy material to replicate the height…