Royals (Lorde Cover – A Cappella Version)

Royals Track Art

HEY GUYS. Not sure if any of you are still reading this thing, but I shall keep talking anyways. I’m still in the States, currently in Las Vegas, and I swear I will be posting the Disneyland blogs soon (I’ve got half of the photos edited already. There are just so much huhu). BUT WHILE YOU’RE WAITING, YOU KNOW WHAT I REALIZED? I never got to post this two month old cover of mine.

It’s ROYALS BY LORDE! And I did an a cappella version of it! You will hear my poor attempts at beatboxing, yet again! You can hear it here on my Soundcloud:

Ugh, I know I’m so late in posting this cover up on the blog. You’re most probably over this genius song by now but oh wells papels. As a “treat” to those who are still reading my blog, I’ve created a download link for my Royals cover!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!

The Royals track on my Soundcloud is not available for ripping, so by the off-chance that you want to put my cover in your iPod or iPad or any music storage device what-have-yous, you can download my Royals cover here.

I promise you, the Disneyland blog post is coming up next! Oh, and while I’m at it…

Reindeer Christmas

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  1. Happy New Year Reese! Thanks for the song <3 I just read your other post but i'll just comment here nalang. Is Las Vegas your last stop? Anyhoo will be waiting for more about your trip to california.. Im actually trying to decide between California and Orlando Florida… so i think your post would be really helpful~~~

    Another thing.. do you have any subscription list by any chance? XD I would really love to be notified whenever you post something new~ ^^

    Have fun in USA