What I Wore: Takeshita Dori + Harajuku (Japan Day 5)


What could a girl possibly wear to one of the most fashionable streets in the world?










 Location: Takeshita Dori + Harajuku St.
Outfit details: Jem Biker Jacket (Reese Lansangan original) | Zigzag top (Thailand) | Playboy shorts (Elan Bijoux) | Bags (US) | Jelly Sandals (Tokyo)

I know it’s a bit too late for me to be realizing this, but I felt like my Japan photo diaries are already so loaded with photos, that to mix in outfit shots with travel shots seems like an overkill. Hence, I took the liberty of removing most of my vanity shots from my Japan Day 5 travel diary (to be posted tomorrow), and moved it to this new entry! Ta-dah!

About this outfit: Remember when I had my first mini fashion show, right? I designed 4 looks that centered around, you guessed it, Japan. For one of my pieces, I designed this three-toned pastel faux leather jacket that’s reminiscent of something I’d LIKE to actually wear in Harajuku. This said piece is the jacket I’m wearing above.

I heavily studded the lapels with my own two hands, and I painstakingly sewn on, painted, and embellished the Jem and the Holograms back patch of the jacket. *proud moments* Many sleepless nights have been devoted towards the completion of this “Jem biker jacket” I’m wearing, and even though it was bulky and a wee bit fragile, I knew I HAD to bring it along with me to wear in Harajuku.

AND THERE I AM!!! WAS!!!! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Oh, I guess I should already go ahead and mention that I DIY-ed those eyeball earrings I’m wearing out of clay. It actually weighs a TON (I overestimated the size of the eyeball), and now my ear piercings look more like vertical slits than baby holes.

I also threw in an outfit shot of my sister because I really dig what she’s wearing AND I’ve been wanting to steal her watermelon skirt since the day she got them. Anyway, Japan Day 5 photo diary will be up tomorrow! I hope you enjoy these fashion shots for now

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  1. JEM! I love Jem and the Holograms :) My tita used to be an animator for that show and I remember tracing and coloring some characters from the show as a kid. Good times. I love your travel/fashion posts! :)